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Kissimmee Lakefront Park RENNOVATION OPEN TODAY!! Part Two

Missed Part One? Check it out HERE.

After finding so many cool places to explore at the Lakefront Park already, I was more than excited to see what was next.  They had paved a beautiful white walkway along the water, and it had a flat enough ridge surface next to it  that you could sit and hang your legs over the side above the water, or sit with your back to the water.  Keep in mind, it was the first day open, but there were no signs that said you couldn’t sit or stand on this, but I see it being an issue as there isn’t a fence or anything so many people could topple over it and drop about 5 feet to the Lake below. 044054 052 046 083034 028

Like to fish? They have a small pier that a couple men were fishing off of, and on the opposite end was a large paved spot that will be used for a stage.  047 040050

As I headed walked further, you could see that they made specific areas for those who would like to come and reserve space for parties outside.  Each section has several tables, a covered area, and a grill to use- this isn’t your ordinary Park spot to picnic.  BUT they have signs posted everywhere that the areas are to be reserved only with a permit, so it seems that you shouldn’t show up with a group to enjoy any of these small areas without a permit.  Now, there are A LOT of these areas, so it seems they are preparing to have quite a few booked. I am going to have to look into the cost, as it is a BEAUTIFUL area to host a small party. They even have a Shelter with a FIREPLACE outside to enjoy!084 (2) 077 (2) 076 072 071 (2)

The flowers and landscaping were gorgeous, and they really added to the new paved areas.  They really did a spectacular job!070 069 (2)

The signage is clear, and is quite helpful since this Park is VERY large. Once the second rennovation is done, it will span a couple of miles of the Lakefront, so the signs will defintely come in handy!086 (2) 081 087 072 064 (2) 059 038 045

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