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“Please Stay Clear of the Paper”… the Monorail Pen

I recently bought, what I felt, was the coolest pen EVER!  Disney should know by now that anything sold with the Monorail on it, or IS it, is simply awesome.   Purchased at “Mousegears” in Epcot, I spent $9.95  plus tax, minus my whopping 10% discount as a PREMIUM Passholder (rant for another day).  rsz_039

I was so excited to have bought this, as I am a frugal ninny who would NEVER spend $9.95 on a regular pen or pile of pens, this was a purchase simply for the coolness factor.  Then, I actually needed to use it.

Here’s the thing about something being so awesome, but sucking at the same time.  When you spend that much on an item that SHOULD be used for another purpose, besides looking cool, you expect  it to work.  Well, I am sad to say, mine writes poorly.  I thought maybe it was what I was writing on, but it wrote like it didn’t have enough ink.  We will see how long it lasts, but just keep in mind, that it may just be for the cool nostalgia of it and that’s about it.  P.S. It tries to write in black ink.

I’m not sure I would buy it again, as you can buy the small model monorail for $10 more than the pen and sit THAT on your desk at work instead. Just food for thought.

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  1. I have had similar experiences with the character pens they sell that in the shapes of their heads ect. They don’t write that good but are a nice reminder of a great vacation.


  2. If they still have these in the stores when you go back, trade it in for a new one! They are real good about this.


  3. I really want it even if it writes poorly ! Will have to get it for hubby for his desk . As a teacher he has lots of Disney toys on his desk so this will be a must to add …. Hope that it is still there in Nov !!


  4. I DID buy this pen last week, but haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Even if it doesn’t write well, it is a fun “pretty”


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