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British Revolution- United Kingdom Pavilion, Epcot

Guest Author: Garrett Dunnewold

One of my favorite things about each of the countries in World Showcase at Epcot is the diversity of attractions. Sure, there are a couple of rides, some films, shopping, and (of course) great food, but Epcot also boasts the largest lineup of talented live performers of any of the Disney parks. This is what makes Epcot my favorite of the parks– I’ve often said I could spend a week only at Epcot and never run out of things to see and do.

Even though the United Kingdom pavilion doesn’t feature any rides or shows, it still draws me in during the evenings due to the band British Revolution. This group is a relatively recent addition to the WDW entertainment lineup, premiering in May 2011 and replacing the long-running (and much adored) British Invasion. I know many WDW fans were upset over the loss of British Invasion, with their mop-top haircuts and dead-on impersonation of the Beatles, and I, too, was skeptical of the change– that is, until I first heard British Revolution perform.British2531

British Revolution is a very different band than their predecessors– they don’t really have a “gimmick”, they are just four guys who play setlists full of some of the greatest British rock of all time. Of course, this includes the Beatles, but British Revolution brings diversity to thier setlist by adding The Who, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Queen, and others. I never thought I would hear Led Zeppelin at WDW– but they play it, and play it well. Your band doesn’t need a gimmick when they play their music as well as these guys do.British2

We love stopping by the Yorkshire County Fish Shop quick service window and picking up an order of fish and chips, then bringing them over to the garden areas to watch the show. It’s a nice, relaxing break to watch these performers at work. They’re nice guys, too– after the show they are happy to pose for pictures, as they did with my wife on one of our trips a couple of years ago.British1

If you’re at Epcot on a day when both British Invasion and Off Kilter in Canada are both performing, normally their shows are scheduled to start about 30 minutes apart from each other, so it’s very easy to walk the short distance between the two pavilions and see both back-to-back. It’s something you’ll find us doing often in the evenings.

Next time you are at Epcot, take some time to listen to some of the best in British rock with British Revolution. I promise, you’ll be glad you did!

Here’s a video (not mine) of one of their sets :

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  1. We still miss the British Invasion. Whenever we’ve peeked in during the shows now we notice the crowds don’t seem quite as large as they used to be.


  2. I was very skeptical about British Revolution. Then I saw them last year, albeit briefly. They were rocking out two Billy Idol songs (White Weddings & Rebel Yell). The entire area was packed and we were all rocking out with them. The skepticism disappeared. Although, I still do miss British Invasion.


  3. Any group who can take ‘Shang A Lang’ and make it respectable, can’t be all bad!


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