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Taking the Day off from the Parks

Guest Author: Heather Clemmer

            Our family is a “park family” meaning when we take a Walt Disney World vacation, we are in the parks from rope drop until the park closes.  This might not be ideal for everyone, but we have never understood why anyone would waste valuable Disney park time and go back to the room for a nap or swim!  There is time waiting for transportation back to the room (or spent driving) then waiting to return.  Once you return, there is a second bag check if you have one, and another small wait to go through the turnstiles. Yuck, no thanks!  We have learned to slow down, let our younger ones nap in the stroller under a nice shade tree, when we browse the shops, or in our arms while waiting in a queue. beachclub2

But you are on vacation; doesn’t that mean time to relax? Unwind?   For some yes! Our family thrives on the entertainment, and we reconnect with “Did you see dad’s expression?”  “Let’s try riding that again!”   “I have never tasted anything like this!”  Discovering each other and new experiences. Laughing and playing and growing together as a family.  Making memories.beachclub3

In February of this year we decided to take a day “off” of parks-GASP, in the middle of our vacation. I know the longer you “play” the lower the ticket prices go per day, but we were only there for a week.  If we had done a 10 day trip, we would still get tickets to head to a park for fireworks or for a few rides and perhaps do a half day, as it would be a little more cost effective.  This time we only spent 5 days in the parks.  On our “off” day, I made a late reservation for breakfast at Chef Mickey’s so we could sleep in.  After breakfast we enjoyed a ride on the monorail, and headed back to Beach Club, for an afternoon of sun, sand, and swimming in Stormalong Bay.  We participated in a trivia contest and the boys’ helped build a HUGE sandcastle. That evening we met up with friends for a night of fun at Disney Quest. It was nice to relax without worrying about returning for a fast pass or dinner reservation!  We enjoyed seeing family, friends, and, doing things that we might overlook had we not taken a day “off”. As a bonus our family was very well rested and eager to return to the parks for the next few days.beachclubstart

So if you have an adventurous family like ours, and don’t want to miss a second of park time, but still might like some down time, consider taking a day to enjoy your resort or other parts of the World around you!


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  1. My husband and I have always thought the same…why waste valuable park time?? lol But our trips are usually 5-6 days, and they’re always pretty full…so it doesn’t leave much time to just relax at a resort. We have considered booking a weekend only trip to spend at Animal Kingdom Lodge with a savannah view. No parks. This will be a different experience for us, but I think a relaxing weekend would be most welcome.


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