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Epcot’s Biergarten Restaurant in Germany

Guest Author: Barb Huddleson
It’s Oktoberfest year round at the Biergarten Restaurant. The authentic Bavarian theme includes long communal tables (you will be seated with other guests) and live entertainment. German musicians and dancers perform throughout the lunch and dinner hours. Both meals are buffet style.BG1
My husband and I decided to give this place a try using free dining.We did dinner and The wait time was not to bad, but they could use more waiting area inside.The place is really pretty and decorated just like you were eating in Germany.BG3
We were seated with 6 other people at a rectangle table.It was a bit awkward t first but you get over that quickly.The couple sitting next to us were on their honeymoon and just the sweetest people. We took pics of them and visa versa. The other people were nice but not as personable.BG2
I tried some new things I had never eaten before, some I liked some not. Food is varied sausages, schnitzel and other German inspired food. Great dessert selection. But what I did like was very yummy, the pretzel bread was the best for sure.BG5
The entertainment was so fun and you can’t help but clap and enjoy all the activities going on.Music and audience partispation. Dinner with a show! Who could ask for more. The service is top rate, our glasses were never empty and plates always taken right away. our server was really friendly and helpful.
Food: 4 out 5 stars
entertainment: 5
service: 5
Even without free dining I would go back here for lunch or dinner- even thinking about checking it out for Christmas visit.


  1. We had Thanksgiving dinner there this year and it was the perfect place for it! The entertainment is silly and wonderful with all the kids dancing the polka….which should be very familiar to you being from Wisconsin as well 🙂
    I had avoided it because most of us are vegetarians, but there is a whole lot available to us there. Even the spaetzle is vegetarian which was surprising.


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