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Casual Mickey

I don’t know about you, but it can be tempting for me to buy anything and everything that bears the face of my favorite characters. This, for me, generally means I am on the lookout for Jack Skellington and anything related to The Nightmare Before Christmas. After my purchases are made, I naturally want to wear the items. All at once.

Exhibit A:nbcme

See this? Don’t do this. This is a “Nightmare” of a mess. This is when the old adage “less is more” really comes into play. I know the overwhelming desire is to display just how much of a fan you are when walking around the parks. But there really is such a thing as too much. You can stylishly display your love for the Mouse (or any character) without appearing as though you are a walking advertisement.inspiredbymickey

Here we have a fun and casual look that works well for touring the parks, but still shows your Mickey love. There are the classic Mickey colors of red, yellow, and black, a bold display of that cute and loveable mouse on the tee, and more subtle tokens  such as the earrings, shoes, and bangle. To keep it youthful without crossing over into childish, clip back a bit of your hair on one side with a Minnie inspired bow.

Oh, and for the record? I was fortunate to know when to stop, and only bought the Jack Skellington scarf.


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