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Boating School…Legoland

I had heard this was a not-to-be-missed attraction, so Em and I tried it out. We arrived to it after lunch, so shortly after the noon hour, and had no wait.  I will say I loved the fact that at several attractions they had a play area to build legos and play for the kids and the parents could then hold their place in line. Now, this only works if you don’t have to STAY with your little one, but it is genius since your child will then WANT to buy the toys they have been playing with all day.rsz_341

Now boarding was something quite interesting, they keep the boats moving. I really didn’t like that since I was attempting to not fall out of it while trying to get in, plus getting in so I could then help Emily in.  They eventually stopped the boats at one point, but I would assume they HAVE to do this for anyone older or with special needs to try to get in them.rsz_342

Once actually seated, there is one seatbelt that goes across both people. It is a max weight of 400 pounds, and they ask you to keep it only to two people to a boat (although it looks like a parent with two very small ones were also allowed).rsz_344

Once we were driving, and Em wanted me too, it wasn’t at all like driving the car on the Speedway at Magic Kingdom- these are NOT on a track! They drive fine, but if you turn to hard, you will start to get caught in a spin- as people in the front of us found out and we wound  just passing them by.  rsz_349 rsz_362

It doesn’t take long to ride, but it is a fun and it’s an experience trying to avoid the spitting pelican and mice with the small water spouts aimed at your boat!  (Sprinkles, nothing drenching).rsz_359 rsz_357 rsz_339

It is worth the time to wait for? I would say 15 minutes or less would be the max that I would.  I can see little ones having a kick with this attraction, so it definitely a not miss when visiting Legoland!  Also don’t miss the photo opp near the exit with the Lego figurines and the Shark mouth.

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