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Cypress Gardens…Legoland


No words can express what I felt about this magical and mystical area of Legoland.  I’m not really sure why I understand WHY it’s part of LEGOLAND to begin with? It really has nothing to do with Legos, and should really be a sepearate ticketed area…I could see visiting this often if I lived closer.  It was a nice surprise from all the plastic of the Theme Park, to come upon this beautiful area was something out of a storybook.rsz_373 rsz_375 rsz_378 rsz_380

First, it’s located off the Lake.  Already it has an appeal with the body of water right next to it, but then you have these enormous Cypress trees that loom over you like a jungle.  I don’t think I had ever seen trees so tall before in my life! rsz_381 rsz_383 rsz_385 rsz_386

The winding paths led us from one amazing piece of scenery to the next.  First we were crossing a bridge, then we were seeing a gazebo off in the distance.  Again, a storybook feel doesn’t even best describe it.  All Emily and I needed were Princess dresses and books in our hands and we would have blended into the gorgeous lawns, brick walkways, and manicured lawns.rsz_389 rsz_390 rsz_391 rsz_392 rsz_394

Not only could you sit peacefully lake side, but you could watch for real live gators as well! Yes, the sign posted said it all, so we did watch for a bit- but we didn’t want to take our chances.  I will admit, I was surprised that a Theme Park would even ALLOW the possibility of being bitten or encountered by one… it was very “Hey, here’s a sign, hope you don’t get bit!”rsz_397 rsz_400 cypressrsz_404

THE BANYAN TREE- the coolest, the creepiest, and the most quizzical tree I have ever laid eyes on.  It didn’t have one trunk, it had several that connected, intertwined, and covered a very large area.  It was sunny at times, and while Em and I were underneath this mammoth tree, it shut out the sun with all of it’s branches- just amazing.  rsz_410 rsz_416 rsz_418 rsz_419

Statues that Emily seemed to freak about since they are to some reference to her and Kyra with the TV Show “Sherlock.”  But the waterfall that we found was like a peace of untapped paradise.  I guess the coolest thing was that noone was near us during our exploration, so it felt like we were alone in this treasure trove of nature. You couldn’t hear anything from the Theme Park side of things, so we felt very much on our own- it was fabulous!rsz_426 rsz_428 rsz_432 rsz_441 rsz_440

The Gazebo was the final piece in an amazing journey through these Gardens, and it was so beautiful sitting on this hill by itself. Again, noone around but us.  And when I say Gardens, I’m not talking a brisk small walk- this area took us a good hour to explore.   You do walk up hill, and there is no stairs anywhere so it is wheel chair accessible.  I don’t think little ones will have any interest in it, but it would be a nice spot to take them for a “Time out” and to get some peace away from the business of the Park.rsz_442

Emily and I agreed it was our favorite part of not only the Park, but of our entire day. Check it out next time you are in the area, it is awesome!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Cypress Gardens, so glad that Lego Land kept it. Can’t wait to see it “some day”


  2. I visited Cypress Gardens when I was very young. It used to be a park all by itself. I had no idea it was part of Legoland now. They used to have waterski shows on the lake back then. Thanks for the review and pictures!


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