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Lego Kingdoms…Legoland

As you walk up to this area, the Castle looms overhead, and it was one of my favorite sights to see this morning.  Since we were there at Park opening, this area is in the far corner so there was little to noone back there when Emily and I were checking it out.  Not being huge Coaster fans, we opted out of riding “The Dragon” but it looks tame enough for families to ride together.  Reminded me of the “Wizard” at Great America in IL. rsz_117 rsz_119 rsz_121 rsz_123

The “Royal Joust” and “Merlins Challenge” weren’t of any interest to my 12 year old daughter, or myself, so we just took our time looking at everything. I will say if you want great photo opps while noone is around, do it in the morning.  For a Saturday, this Park was pretty dead the entire day actually.  rsz_127 rsz_128 rsz_129 rsz_134

“The Forestmen’s Hideout” is a really cute playground area, packed with wolves made out of legos around the area.  If you have little ones, they have signs posted at every attraction and play area stating what ages they are meant for, plus height requirements as well.   If you want to sit and let you little one burn off some steam, I would say this is a great place for ages 6 or 7 and up.  With the second story, you won’t be able to sit and watch without participating if you have wee little ones. For that area, take them to the Duplo Village area. rsz_122 rsz_125 rsz_126 rsz_131

Of course there is a place to shop, and here is where you can only purchase the “Kingdom Set” which is a $100 Lego set of the Castle you are actually in at this Park.  From swords, shields, and princess hats- here is where to find them.  Enjoy!

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