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My Review of Legoland Florida

I decided it was high time I get over to Legoland and check it out- not only for myself and my family, but also for you, the reader!  I know when I didn’t live in FL, I combed the Internet looking for reviews on certain Parks and Attractions so I could decide if it was worth the greenbacks to try- so here goes mine, enjoy! rsz_075

I had two tickets, so I decided to take Emily since she was in the age group that this Park is aiming for, even if it, albeit, the latter of the range it’s aimed for.  Even if she hadn’t come with me, like I said, I would have come anyways to check it out for myself and others.  We were only coming for the General Park, not the Water Park area.rsz_090

We arrived at 9:30 a.m. on the dot, and paid $14 for parking.  We had no wait upon arrival at their very small front parking gate, and found a spot with no problem- in fact we were three rows from the front walkway into the Park- very cool!  (On a side note, I think it is funny that Legoland is off just a normal road, like you would be going to a Store or Restaurant, no real “build up” for it.)rsz_099rsz_094

We did not get to catch the show of Max opening the Park, but we also couldn’t believe that we had no lines to wait in for the turnstile.  I don’t know if it was the weather, or down time in tourism right now, but for a Saturday morning, it was really sad to see so  little people there. I did love the walkway into and out of the Park- it was very pretty with the trees lining the way- but I did think it seemed narrow for crowds that COULD potentially be there.rsz_494

Zero problem getting in, and once we were in, there was noone handing out park maps or schedules- it was fend for yourself.  At least in the morning hours as the Park opens this would be helpful, but again, maybe it was just a really dead weekend so they didn’t bother.rsz_101 rsz_102 rsz_103

From there, we grabbed a map and explored.  It was nice to not have a clue of where we were going and just following the path that looked like fun.  We experienced Lego Kingdoms, Lost Kingdom Adventure, Boating School, MiniLand, Safari Trek, Cypress Gardens, Fresh from Florida Greenhouse, and ate at the Fried Chicken Company.  Click the highlighted attractions to see the detailed posts and pictures of each experience.rsz_111 rsz_113

Let’s get to the pros,cons, and general observations of what I thought about Legoland, hopefully they will help you decide on whether to go or not.rsz_114 rsz_115


*Cypress Gardens- listen to me Legoland!! Make this is a seperate ticket and I will come FOR LIFE!! My absolute favorite part, hands down!

*Miniland was my second favorite- amazing what they can do with Legos! The one day ticket is worth it to see this and the Gardens (if you like that sort of thing) and then that’s about it, besides a Coaster or two.

*Perfect park for little ones to play- but I would still say age 10 would be the cut off, my 12 year old had no interest in many of the rides.

*Picnic areas are scattered through out the Park, nice that they are ok with bringing in outside food.

*School groups area was huge, nice they have an area for them to gather that is away from the crowds.

*The Fried Chicken Company was a great place to dine and was a nice offering to be found in a Theme Park.

*Hundreds of fun photo opportunities all around the Park- it is a very beautiful and clean Park.rsz_144


*Yes, there is plenty for a young child to do, but not enough for an adult to have any remote interest in doing it WITH their child. Sorry, Walt knew what he was doing and he HAS done it the best.

*The food stands seemed sparse- I didn’t feel they were spaced realistically.

*The rides were either meant for 6 year olds or for the thrll seekers on the rollercoasters- where are the inbewteen rides for the rest of us?

*I don’t see this being a “repeat” Park unless you live very close by- not enough to excited about to come back again and again.  If you are looking for something for your little ones to frequent often, then an Annual Pass may be up your ally.

*If you have been to a large Lego Shop, or the Lego area in Downtown Disney, there isn’t that much difference in what they offered here to buy except for the Theme Park merchandise with their logo on it.

*You REALLY have to know your Legos to even have a clue of who the Characters were that were walking around- we had no idea who they were. rsz_365 rsz_334 rsz_331rsz_322

Random Observations:

*The Ladies Restrooms had free feminine supplies for you take or use- I took a pic because I was in disbelief over it!

*You don’t have to sit in the stands for the Pirate Water Ski Show- plenty of hilly area to sit on and have your own space on to watch it around the arena area.

*The Bargain Shop had items that were actually pretty cheap- love that they have that in the Park as an alternative.

*We purchased Lord of the Rings Figure Magnets (they had a lot of movie themed figure magnets), a frame that was on clearance for only $3.50, a Lego Set for Emily to make at home, and a couple of key chains for Kyra.rsz_324 rsz_326 rsz_329

So is it worth it? Again, if you are bringing a child age 2-11 and they like to ride rides, then yes.  If they are too scared for any of that, you are paying a hefty price to use a couple of playgrounds, eat some food and enjoy the rest.  If they aren’t even old enough to fully enjoy even half of it, I don’t see any point of bringing them.  As an adult to come, I would again say it is cool to see the Gardens, Miniland, and ride a Coaster- but if you did all of those three, you would be done in a couple of hours and probably not worth the price of admission (compared to Disney and others that have lots to do to fill the day with).  This is my opinion, and my opinion only, so take it for what it’s worth.  We had a great time, but I would only go back to stroll those gorgeous Gardens one more time.rsz_369

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  1. I laughed out loud and woke the hubby up when I read that you took a pic of free feminine products!! 🙂


  2. Hey Amy,

    I loved aspects of this park but folks with small kids (under 2) should skip it. We went with our 10 month old (who had already been to Disney twice at this point and LOVED the rides) and were not allowed to ride anything with him (not even the carousel!).


  3. Thank you for taking the time to give a brief but informative overview. I found it very helpful. 😉


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