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Happy 15th Earth Day Birthday to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!


Since it is the 15th Birthday of Disney’s “Animal Kingdom,” I thought I would write about my favorite 15 things we did today for the Celebration- enjoy!

(In no particular order)

1.  The Opening Show was very exciting. From the parade of banners that listed the “Lands” to the “Festival of the Lion King” singer closing with “The Circle of Life”… it was a great moment to be a part of and we really enjoyed it. BONUS they put a huge Earth beach ball into the crowd and we all bounced it around- silly but fun.ak3 ak4 ak5 ak6

2. The Merchandise and how it was handled.  Sold at “Creature Comforts” which is the 2nd store on  the left hand side in, we followed the line that reached all the way over the bridge into Africa.   After an hour in line, we were finally inside.  They had sheets to order from, then once you wrote the quantity you wanted, the ripped the top part off which held your number and then processed your order. Once you got to the other side of the Store, they had your bag ready, handed it to you, then directed you to the area of tables to check and make sure it’s what you want. Once they did that, they stapled your bag shut and then you went to the register and paid for it.  All in all, it took and hour and a half to get, but it was easier to do it this way then have people rushing in and grabbing shirts and pins competitvely.  I should also add they had CM’s holding the shirts, all sizes, so you could look at them and make sure the size was going to work for you- it was brilliant how they worked it- kudos to Disney!ak11 ak10 ak9

3. Flame Tree BBQ– now it’s always a favorite, but today was special. Kyra, Jeff and I were the first in line so we got to open it officially- got a certificate and free cupcakes- fun magical moment for this day of all days!ak13 ak14

4.  The Disney Community Love. I ran into so many wonderful friends, many I know and many I was just finally getting to meet!ak17 ak15 ak7

5.  The Music. I loved hearing all of the wonderful, up beat, dance as you go, music all around Animal Kingdom- it was indeed a party today!ak16

6.  The Exclusives. Today they offered another Conservation pin, but it was a special edition green framed one for the 15th Birthday Celebration. Did you know you can get all different colors of these at different Disney Parks, Cruises, and places? So cool! For a small donation, it was worth it to get another pin to our collection.ak19 ak27 ak26

7.  Dinosaur.  Seriously one of the funniest experiences I ever had on this ride, thanks to Brent Dodge for the commentary- Kyra and I still laugh about the ride tonight.ak18

8.  Tigers. Just because they are cool to watch.


9.  Safari. We WALKED ON to Kilimanjaro Safari at 2:50 this afternoon- NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE was in line for it.  Always a score!ak22

10.  Giraffes.  The coolest view, one of the giraffes walked in front of our truck, then bent all the way down to drink from the puddle on the road. ak23

11.  Bo the Hawk.  We headed out to Conservation Station and talked in depth with the Animal Trainer- it was awesome.ak24

12. The Art.  They had all sorts of African Artists showcasing their work today in the Stores, it was beautiful.ak12

13. Free Stuff.  The 15th Birthday Button and Guidemap were awesome!ak1 ak2

14. Laughter. I burned tons of calories today by laughing so much.ak20

15. Earth Day Cupake.  Delicious chocolate goodness.ak25

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  1. What an awesome day! We were thinking about all the fun that must have been going on at Animal Kingdom on this special day. We were wishing we could have been there. April 22nd is a special day in our house too…yesterday was my son’s 11th Birthday. He loves having his birthday on Earth Day! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I am definitely impressed with how they handled the exclusive merch. Seems like a WAY more efficient manner to do it. I really want to get my hands on that conservation button. Looks like a trip to ebay might be in store. *sigh*


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