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Belle of the Ball

Guest Author: Mary King from

The opening of New Fantasyland gave many would-be princesses an opportunity to do something they had long been dreaming about: visit the elaborate and elegant ballroom from Beauty and the Beast. The Be Our Guest restaurant allows guests to immerse themselves into different scenes from the movie, and provides an experience where they can feel like the characters.

What does this mean for fashion? Well, it means it is time to dress the part! Now is your chance to be the “Belle” of the ball and dine under the glittering chandelier in the enchanted castle that continues to capture hearts. belleball

Here we have two different styles representing the same beautiful princess. One is a little more formal, making for a romantic date night. The other is a little more youthful and casual, which is great if you still plan on exploring the parks a bit more. You’ll be carrying your very own rose, while tucking away any needed essentials within it. And a piece of that magnificent chandelier will grace your neck as memories of a tale as old as time form in your heart.

So go on and be the “Belle” of that gorgeous castle. And don’t forget to proclaim your love for all things Disney (and your loved ones also) before the last petal falls!



    • Hi Chris! I am glad you like the outfits…I enjoy putting them together. I love seeing how I can pay tribute to some of my favorite characters without necessarily having to wear a shirt with them screened on. It makes for a more versatile outfit, which is nice for the times I go out to dinner anywhere outside of Disney and feel like being Belle. 🙂


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