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MegaCon 2013- Orlando, FL

Guest Author: Heather McClay

 Once a year in the spring International Drive looks like your favorite comic or anime; as hundreds of enthusiasts are dressed up as their favorites.mega1

This is MegaCon, it is a convention that happens for three days at the Orlando Convention Center. There is everything from artists to the 501st to the local Lego group set up in the main room. Every year also features a bunch of different celebrities; this year was the cast of Star Trek Next Generation as well as the actors who played the Weasley twins.megacon4 megacon7

The con features so many cosplayers that you will want to bring a camera or two! The costumes go from the thrown together to the how much time did they spend on that! It is a fun event for the whole family, but some of the cosplayers may be a little less dressed than you would want your little ones to see.megacon5

There are also boardgame rooms as well as a room to play Magic and other card games as well as groups that will get together to play Werewolf.megacon6

Make sure to save up money, you will want to buy everything! Especially if you are a geek who likes to collect things from their favorites shows, movies, comics and anything else that may show up.megacon3 megacon8

Next year’s MegaCon is already up, so start planning now and if you want to go together let me know!


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  1. Hi there! Just wondering – do you know the dates for the next MegaCon? Sounds so fun! Thanks for the article – it was great! 🙂


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