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My Review on the “May the 4th Be With You” at Disney Studios

The “Limited Time Magic,” Walt Disney World’s theme this year, showed its face this past weekend at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  I participated, along with my family, on Saturday and this is my review on the festivities, enjoy!MAY3

Let’s start with the exclusive merchandise.  They offered up two different types of shirts, and several kinds of pins.  I was not in line early with the masses, but had many friends reporting back to me on what was going on.   The lines were long, and the average wait time was about an hour.  I have to say that I was all for a shirt, until Erica sent me the picture.  I am not a big fan of Stitch, and honestly the pea color of the shirt really wasn’t flattering, so I opted out of getting one or the “Revenge of the 5th.”  I am a Goofy fan, but Stitch on it again, sorry, no interest.  But hey, I saved money which I will gladly save for the 24 hour coming up in several weeks!MAY2 MAY1

I got in around 11:00 a.m. with Em and we found friends to silly around with.  Of course we headed over to Star Tours, and what a shock, the ride was down.  Yes, on the busiest day of days for this ride, it didn’t break down only once, but SEVERAL times during the course of my visit.  I did fastpass it so I could have one to keep with the May 4th date on it- a fun souvenir! MAY6

The Star Tours area was insane, as it usually is during the Star Wars Weekends.  Several Star Wars Characters walked in and out, and Chewebacca and an Ewok were stationed near the land speeder for pictures (with the obligatory forever long line).  Once the ride was up and running, the wait time was up to 120 mins since they had the back up of fastpasses and those who decided to stay in line until it went back up. MAY4

We did wait in line to meet Goofy and Donald as Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper.  I think that line took a good 45 minutes, and we were constantly opening and closing our umbrellas with the very odd weather going on. Once you met the Characters, they gave you a card with their autographs on it.  I get it, it keeps the line moving, but it still is kind of cheesy for the kids who really want the autographs.MAY5

Emily finally rode Star Tours with Brent and Kris, and they were surprised with a group of Jawas riding along with them- how cool is that?!?  I wasn’t feeling up to the ride, so I enjoyed watching the adults play along with the kids at the “Jedi Training Academy” outside the attraction.

Once I actually found Emily after the ride, we headed out for a nap so we would be nice and awake for the Dance Party and Fireworks that same evening.MAY7

Shelley had held us a spot by the front of the stage to catch the first dance party- thinking it may be similar to the “Hyper Space Hoopla”- yah, no.  It was a DJ, playing out Star Wars music with today’s hits- fun for dancing to later in the evening, but you could tell the first show crowd was bored and unimpressed.  I mean, come on Disney, a Star Wars Character or two dancing ON the stage would have been nice! They eventually had Mickey and Minnie in the mobs of people dancing, but you couldn’t get anywhere near them unless they came to you.  We left the first one early and grabbed a drink.May11MAY8

Second show was a bit more of the “After Dark” crowd, and it was way more fun to dance then. Bumped into tons of friends I knew, then hung out with my crew and danced the night away until the fireworks. MAY15May10 May9

We found a spot right at the intersection of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard- it was perfect and they streamed the music in from the dance party so we just danced in our new spot until the fireworks started.   May13

The show…the music…the fireworks…AHMAZING!!    We loved it- screamed and clapped at the end, and I would say that those alone were worth coming in to see for the Limited Time Magic.  We made it out of the parking lot with no problems, and I was a happy kid heading to bed- blisters and all!

So how would I compare it to Star Wars Weekends? Simple- this was tMay14he preview.  Nothing was different than the fireworks and the dance party.   I think this was a great practice weekend for Disney to try the new things and let their Cast Members get their feet wet for the weekends to come.  It definitely got me excited for the Star Wars Weekends coming, and I can’t wait to feel the force again.

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