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WDW Celebrations Disney Group

Guest Author: Barb Huddleson
In 2010 I just happened to run across a group called WDW Celebrations and they were doing something called “Holiday Hoopla”. I decided to check them out and sure enough they were doing a fan meet at the same time we were going to Disney World. I joined on their facebook page.
We met up with them at Magic Kingdom and got our “credentials” that made us officially in the group activities.
What a great bunch of Disney fans, we did rides together and they had some special events planned for us.
While eating at the American pavilion we were treated to a behind the scenes info session from the chef on how they made the gingerbread house.During the day we did a game kinda like the amazing race where we ran around Epcot looking for clues and taking photos, it was so much fun. Then a dessert party for the Illuminations that evening.WDWC5
We joined again in 2011 for the 40th anniversary of Magic Kingdom. This was a major celebration and we did a lot of fun things once again. After watching the official Disney events we had a scavenger hunt and watched the fireworks together. At Epcot we did the game again running around taking pics and finding clues.We had meals together as well as riding rides and watching fireworks. A real treat was a history walk which was very interesting.WDWC4
April 2013 found us back at Disney world for Floral, fauna and fantasy. Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Animal Kingdom, Flower and garden show at Epcot and the New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. We had a trivia walk, scavenger hunt and group rides and meals, the Be our guest dinner was a highlight.WDWC3
I highly recommend this group, I have met so many wonderful people that have become friends and learned a lot about Disney World through the games, trivia and history walks.WDWC2
The core members who plan these fantastic events are all volunteers and do it all because they love all things Disney.
They work hard all year to make sure we have a great time and with Disney to make sure we get to do extra special things.WDWC1
But this is what makes the group even more special: they donate money to Charities. Here is a list of their donations so far.WDWC7
Charity Initiative
Since our inception, WDWCelebrations has been committed to giving back to the community by donating proceeds from our various events and merchandise sales to charity.
WDWCelebrations presented our first donation during “A Wild Decade” to the Dream Team Project on April 22, 2008. Registered attendees of this event helped us raise $500 for this donation. The Dream Team Project benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America.
At “World Wide Weekend” we presented another $500 donation to the Dream Team Project on September 26, 2008, thanks to the generosity of attendees of this event.
During our “Studio 20” event, attendees provided a donation of $300 to the Dream Team Project, on May 1, 2009,
On July 17, 2010, during our “Fifty-Five” event, donations raised from event attendees totaled $250, and was split between the Dream Team Project and the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC).
For “Holiday Hoopla!,” in keeping with the holiday theme, the beneficiary of our charity donation of $340 was the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.
Our largest donation to date, $850, was presented at “Project XL: The World at 40” to Give Kids the World in Kissimmee, Florida.
The beneficiary of our charity donation for “Celebration 30” is again Give Kids the World in Kissimmee, Florida.
For the Floral, Fauna and Fantasy event we collected more then $500 for Give Kids the World again.
So if you are planning a trip to Disney World be sure to check out WDW for information about what they might have planned. They do meets for every big event and smaller meets also.
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