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Cast Member Kindness…Monorail Magic

Guest Author: Thadine Mauricio

In April 2009 we went with the whole family to Disney during Easter vacation. My eldest son who was 14 at that time made the design for our Magic Kingdom t-shirt. My little one was very excited because he wanted to ride in the monorail up front and he wanted a monorail license ( at this time this was still possible)

So on our Magic Kingdom day we wore our special designed t-shirts and after a fun day at the park we went to an early dinner at Ohana’s After dinner we took to monorail back to Magic Kingdom. There was no one else waiting for the monorail, except the attendant.

We asked if I could sit up front with the three kids.  We had our “all aboard” shirts on and the attendant gave us a compliment and told us how much he liked our shirts.  When I told him my son made the design he congratulated my son and told me I should be proud of him.

When the monorail pulled in he went to ask the driver and told him to look at our shirts.  It was cool sitting up front but the driver was not very talkative. Maybe he was tired?  When we asked about the license he told us he didn’t have any.   My little one was disappointed, but I tried to cheer him up.

We went into Magic Kingdom and had a nice time, but soon everybody felt tired and we decided to leave early and not wait for the parade. On our way back to the monorail we saw the nice attendant again, he rushed over to bid us goodnight and asked if we got the license from the driver. When we told him no, he ran all the way up to the monorail station and got us about 10 licenses.

He was such a nice castmember, my little son was beyond himself grinning from ear to ear. He then struck a conversation with my eldest son about his dream to become a Web designer. Right before we left the castmember told me  “ Madam, your child will go places, I am telling you, your child will go places”
We let my son take a picture with him so we will always remember him and his kind heart.




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