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Minnie Mouse Inspired Cake Pops

Guest Author: Cheryl Maahs

A sweet treat “Disney-fied”? Why not? Join me on my adventure through the creation of Minnie Mouse inspired cake pops.

This was my first try making cake pops and I have to say, there is a learning curve. It was pretty easy smashing up the cake but the decorating part was more challenging than I had anticipated. But, being the sweets connoisseur that I am, I wouldn’t have a little finicky chocolate get me down. Follow along in the photo tutorial.

For this project you will need:

1 cake mix

1 container of frosting

A package of lollipop sticks

Chocolate melts

Edible decorations

The first step is making the cake. Any flavor will do, I used vanilla. Make the cake as normal, let it cool then crumble it up into a large bowl (kids love to help with this part).  Hint: use a larger bowl than you think you need, this part can get messy and you will need plenty of space.  After the cake is crumbled add some frosting, store bought frosting will do, I suggest sticking to a frosting color that is the same color as your cake. Add a little frosting at a time until the cake and frosting combination is the consistency of play dough and roll the mixture into balls. Make the balls about 1 ½ tablespoons, cake pops are pretty sweet and can’t be too big or they will fall off the pop stick. Next on an aluminum foil covered bake sheet place the cake balls no less than an inch apart. Melt a little chocolate and dip one end of the pop stick into the chocolate and poke it in the center of the cake ball about 1/3 the cake pop depth. Once all the sticks are placed, chill the cake pops to set the chocolate. While the pops are setting prepare the decorations. For these Minnie Mouse inspired pops I wanted to go for a retro look so I needed 2 chocolate colors, red and “black”. The craft stores have all colors of candy melts, I highly suggest using those as chocolate chips are easy to overheat and the melts don’t accept food coloring very well (as I found out in this preliminary trial).CAKE1 CAKE2 CAKE3

Once the pops chilled, I dipped the entire pop into the red chocolate to get the Minnie Mouse dress base and let the pops rest to set the chocolate. I made a makeshift pop holder out of a box. After the red chocolate set I dipped the top portion of the pop into the dark chocolate. I had some chocolate Necco wafer candies that made pretty good mouse ears. I tried two variations of the ears, I think the whole round turned out best. After the chocolate had time to set I started in with the embellishments. Left over chocolate makes a great paste to add round sprinkles for the polka dot dress and Minnie just wouldn’t be Minnie without her bow. I tried two variations of the bow. Scouring the house for a red candy, I made one bow out of a valentine candy left over red vine and the other bow I free handed with some red frosting.  Even with the chocolate dilemma, I still think these turned out pretty cute. Would you agree?CAKE4 CAKE5 CAKE6 CAKE7



  1. Oh- they are really cute! I bet my grandkids would love helping me make these this summer. Thanks for the idea and the really good details.


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