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Don’t Blame Yourself

I must say these words to myself at least once every week, from the simple and mundane things to life’s whoppers.  As I was driving home today, I was thinking about WHY I blame myself for things when it comes to the relocation, and it brought me to the keyboard where you are reading it now- enjoy.

I struggle, and yes, I am human.  Ever since we moved here, every thought in my head, every choice made that comes to my family choices I revert back to “Would this be like this if we didn’t move here?”  I know, some of you read our story and think that we are that “perfect example” of how relocating to Florida can work. Don’t get me wrong, it has, but those knowing thoughts can really get to me sometimes.

Do you remember the first time we arrived here and visited Celebration High School for Kyra?  I will never forget her tears after the office was so incredibly rude to us…it was in that moment that I remember thinking “If  we didn’t move here, she would be in her normal school, with all of her friends and everything would be fine.”  It would take that entire school year to come to terms with that choice, and even as she graduated, I was more tearful that the friends she grew up knowing were not present for this important t day- nor were many relatives because we moved such a great distance.  And after ALL of those feelings, I had to come to a place of peace that WE ALL had made this choice together, and that this was just a bump that we would all get over.  So, I had to stop blaming myself and breathe.

Where I am going with this is that you have to give yourself the right, the PERMISSION, to cry, scream, and feel the relocation for what it is. But the blame is for no one- you have to keep in your head at all times that it is far more adventurous, COURAGEOUS, to go for the impossible then settle.  It isn’t about happiness, it isn’t about finding that “one thing” to make your life complete because I have news for you, life is NEVER complete! It is about going the distance and never looking back.  It is about letting yourself feel every emotion with this journey called relocation and still come out the other side smiling through the dried tears.

Don’t blame yourself EVER for taking a risk, because ladies and gentleman, THAT is what life is ALL about.  You can’t ever go to that place of “If I only hadn’t done this…” because whatever “it” is is usually done and over with.  Once you’re moved, it’s time to live.  The deed is done, you are here and it’s time to live the adventure- no matter how rocky that road may be.  But I want you to remember this, the joy that you have is what YOU bring to your new home and new life.  Don’t have the money to do certain things? Think of a new way to make more and be happy with what you got.  Don’t have the time to play like you thought?  Find a new way to balance life out. Doormat

Leave the blame under that welcome mat at your new home…that’s where it belongs. Out of sight, out of mind…welcome home new Floridians, welcome home.

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