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Tam Tam Drummers of Harambe

Guest Author: Garrett Dunnewold

Located near the Dawa Bar in the Harambe Village area of Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Tam Tam Drummers are some of the most unique performers at all of Walt Disney World. Just as all of the performing groups in Epcot’s World Showcase do a great job of representing each country, the Tam Tam Drummers do a fantastic job of adding to the atmosphere of Harambe Village by performing authentic African drumming. You won’t hear anything else quite like it anywhere at WDW.0395

The Tam Tam Drummers are some of my wife’s favorite performers at WDW, due to their authentic intruments and drumming. As an elementary music teacher, she teaches about musical instuments from many different cultures– in fact, she actually has a lot of these same instruments in her classroom. I consulted with her to find out the names of some of the instruments (and how to spell them!) Here are a few:

Tubano and ngoma drums:


Gankogui or agogo bells:


The shekere, a large gourd with beads on the outside:


As with many other Disney shows, there’s also plenty of audience participation. If you’re nearby during their performance, don’t be shy– they may very well pull you in for an impromptu dance lesson!

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Harambe Village is already one of the best themed areas at any Disney park. The Tam Tam Drummers really add to the immersive feel of the area, and they also showcase a style of music you won’t hear in many other places. I consider them the #2 attraction in Africa (right behind Kilimanjaro Safaris), so make sure to stop by and see them on your next visit!


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