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Disney Store…Mclean, VA

Guest Author: Donna Genco
Here are a few pictures from my local Disney Store. It’s one of the lucky ones that has been re-imagineered and looks great. I love that the stores are getting a local flavor as they are spruced up. Each new store gets a mural around the store up near the ceiling. It’s a typical Disney “Hidden Gem”. Since our store is in Tysons Corners VA, very close to Washing DC, we have the Disney characters near some very iconic DC landmarks. I tried to take a few pictures of the most recognizable places, but it’s a little too dark in the store to do with just my phone. Here are a few that are not too bad. The first is Peter Pan and the lost boys looking off in the distance at the Washington Monument. The second picture, a little too dark, is Snow White in front of Mount Vernon, George Washingtons home.
I can’t really say that I necessarily like our store more than any other since they are all very much the same. I will say that the people there are very nice and are very helpful. But other than that it is just like many other “Mall” Disney stores. Nothing terribly special, except that our mural is all DC, VA and MD themed. Unfortunately they let their store displays get too high and cover many of the scenes. The cast member I spoke to while trying to figure out some of the local spots depicted, said she even forgets the mural is there sometimes. She also said that they are being encouraged to make their displays higher and higher. I think the people that plan the displays for all of the stores are also forgetting that these wonderful murals are there. It’s too bad. It needs to be pointed out to more guests. Just like walking down Main St. USA and looking at the windows above the shops. Hidden Gems.DIS3
Tysons Corner Center
1961 Chain Bridge Road

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