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Back in the Disney Day… First Time Meeting Mickey

Guest Author: Colleen Lynn

I went with my parents when I was seven years old. It was the only family vacation we ever took. I also have a fantastic story about meeting Mickey.

I was waiting my turn to meet Mickey. I think this was in the time before the more organized character greetings, I don’t know for sure. All I remember was that it was out on Main Street. So there I am with my mouse ears on, waiting to meet the big star. Just as it was my turn, this grown man shoves right in front of me with his camera. The way my parents had taught me, kids don’t argue with adults, so to my young way of thinking, now that this guy had shoved in front of me, I wouldn’t get to meet Mickey. I burst into tears. Next thing I know, this white glove reaches around the man, grasps my shoulder, and Mickey pulled me over to him. I had a new Hero.Mickey86

My favorite picture from that whole Disney trip is a picture of Mickey and a pigtailed, tear-stained, but grinning seven year old me.

This was the trip that really cemented my love for Disney.



  1. Disney magic. I guess so many people get caught up in the magic…to push their way ahead of a little girl. Adorable picture and a very sweet memory.


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