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Does Living Near Walt Disney World Ruin the Magic?

The number one question I am asked in the almost two years I have lived here now is indeed “Does it ruin the magic?”  I am going to complicate things by saying yes and no.  Well, here is the answer in a bit more detail, enjoy!

Let’s start with the bad news first which is, in some sense, YES, it does ruin the magic- but before you stop reading this post, read ALL of WHY I say this before you make a decision on moving here.  First off, it ALL depends on how MUCH you are in the Parks.  When I say this, I am talking about one day a week versus every other day or maybe every day.   When you drop your child off at school every day, think about the first time you took them and the excitement you and they had.  Ok, now think about how you feel doing it in January, and now when school is almost over.  When you are at work or at school 5 days a week, the excitement wears off REAL fast.  I am just being truthful here people, not here to burst anyone’s bubble.

BUT if you go to the Parks once a week, it is still VERY exciting and fresh because it is just true fact that you haven’t been exposed to it daily so your brain senses something new and different and seriously, they don’t call this Disney WORLD for nothing. Unless you are going into Magic Kingdom every single day, 7 days a week, the magic should STILL be there because there is so much to enjoy here that you could do something different every day of every month and still feel it. I know to all of you I am in the Parks more than the average bear, but here’s the thing, I go in for a specific reason and I leave for something else hours or an hour later.  I am there to hang out with a friend, meet up with a new one, go in for an event, or just take a stroll and have my favorite snack.

The vacation magic, the giddiness I felt getting off the plane at MCO is what I miss a little bit – especially when I am at MCO picking someone up and they have that “Disney glow” and are ready to experience it all for the first time.   BUT keep in mind, I do NOT have the Disney blues of leaving this place, EVER.   I also never have to worry about planning my Disney vacations, I just leave my driveway and boom I am on Property and ready to play!  I would say the magic comes to me in different forms now, which leads me to of the “No, it hasn’t been ruined for me.”

When I get a tweet, or email, etc.. of an event coming up, like Merida’s Coronation, I get excited.  It is something new and something that I DREAMT of being able to do once we lived here. Not the coronation, but events that pop up here and there that made it impossible to book vacations over because you have to know everything so much in advance to do so these days.  I was just as giddy to see Merida riding Angus in front of the Castle, I was just as giddy seeing Mike Wazowski on Spaceship Earth, and so on and so forth. Every celebration , anniversary, event they come up with in WDW, I am so happy to be ABLE to be a part of that it has made a different kind of magic and excitement where the vacation one felt before.  Does that make sense?

Even if you aren’t a blogger or deep in the Disney community,  I feel every person who moves here finds their Disney magic in some way that was different than when they were a tourist.  Being a local for me is like wearing a badge of honor- it was something I dreamt of, fought for, saved for, and then made it happen. I had never made a dream happen this big, EVER in my lifetime before and to say I did it is the feeling I get every time I walk down Main Street at the Magic Kingdom, or drive past the long rows of palm trees to school, or when someone wants to meet up and I am able to because we chose to live close to the magic.  When I can still look at my husband and say while we are on a walk at a Resort or Park “Can you believe we live here?”- you know we haven’t lost the magic yet.

So again, does living here ruin the magic? If you balance it out with day to day life and keep your priorities straight, the magic should always be there…waiting for you to enjoy.


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  1. This is my main concern with the move.
    Oh, I should tell you… husband, Thomas (who has been a facebook friend of yours for at least 3 years now) and I are finally at a place in our lives when we can rent out our Madison house and move to Celebration. We’ve agreed on a 1 year rental there on a trial basis. This will all transpire in the summer of 2014 with renegotiations for another 2 years to occur at the end of the year in the summer of 2015. Why the 1-3 years? Our daughters are at a point in their schooling which will allow for this kind of a move, but will prove too hard for them at a 2 year break.
    I’ve been considering documenting this whole thing too…but I don’t want to copy you. 🙂 You had the idea for this blog and it’s a fantastic site. I’m really quite proud of you despite only knowing you FROM the blog….I, as well as your many readers and supporters, feel a kinship with you and am grateful for the guidance and just the sweet stories from your adventures.
    Here’s the thing, what I love the most about DW is the experience of being on site (or on campus). Staying at the resorts, the smells, the sounds, the service…all the true joy of a vacation there and beyond that, being with my family in a way that we don’t get to have otherwise.
    Disney magic is special. It’s the only place in the whole world that has that. Thomas isn’t worried for a second regarding the loss of that. I worry far more.
    Still, I’ve agreed to the year. We’ll be your neighbors beginning in the summer of 2014. I guess I’ll let you know how the magic holds up for us as well.


  2. I can only imagine that things would certainly change. For me, it sounds much like what I experienced when I was a teenager and my parents bought a swimming pool. I thought I’d LIVE in that thing, and for a while I did just that. But … when you can do something pretty much any time, I think the allure of it — the URGENCY — is bound to fade. After all, that urgency is partly based on limited availability; the knowledge that you’ll be heading back home far away is one reason you want to want to soak up all you can while you can.

    We’re currently four hours away by car from WDW — almost as far north as we can get and still get a Florida Resident Annual Pass. I’d like to be a closer, but I don’t think I’d want to be any closer to the parks than, say, Tampa. Still having to plan and work a bit to get there would keep being there still an “event,” but also allow me to go significantly more often.


  3. I’ve lived near Disneyland and Disney World. Living near Disney World didn’t ruin the magic for us but what we considered magic changed. By living there, we got to do so many things we’d never do as a tourist. But working for Disney ruined the magic for me and when I realized that was happening, I chose not to work there. The biggest problems for me living near WDW was that I missed the variety of things to do in California. Living near WDW became so one-note compared to living near Disneyland and it was just too far from my real home, which is California.


  4. Scott- I hope your move goes well!!! We are also hoping to move this summer, but we are still in search of jobs. Hopefully it will happen soon…fingers crossed!!


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