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24 Hours of Monstrous Madness

24 Hours of Monster Madness….a special thank you to Brent Dodge for including me on his broadcast, love my Brother from another Mother!

Where to start? It was a crazy ride that I have now taken twice AND, believe it or not, I have survived!  I get asked a lot “Why do you do it?”  Well if you have read my blog before, you know I have always been a huge Disney fan.  One of the reasons for moving here was to be able to do events such as the “24 Hours” because of living nearby. I once was you, trying to fit the special events into my already packed full vacation – and it was tough!  Being able to leave my house, be on Property in minutes, it is still a dream come true!  It also came in handy when Craig picked me up at the Poly this morning and I was home in bed by 6:45 a.m.  So last year I blogged by hours…this year I thought I would highlight what my favorite moments were, the comparison to last year’s, and the cons of the event…enjoy!

My Favorite Moments

*Kyra and I were up at 3 a.m. and out the door by 3:30 and at the TTC at 3:45 a.m. for check-in at the Blog Meet-Up-it was really cool to be there so early. 24-1

*Everyone who came into the Park got a free button and a specially made guide-map for the day!24-7 24-10

*Disney Parks Blog Meet-Up- we got to be on the first Ferry over to the Magic Kingdom, free Monsters Inc. glasses, and then a free breakfast over at Pecos Bills with a Meet and Greet with Sully in his College jacket. We had a Monsters Inc. ID made and other fun photo opps around the Restaurant.  Thank you Disney Parks Blog!24-20 24-1924-14 24-15 24-16

*We were the first allowed into the Park, so we were able to grab our lockers without any crowds. They cost $12 and I was refunded $5 back the next day, just need to have the original receipt and key. I just left the receipt in the locker all 24 hours so I wouldn’t lose it- worked like a charm!

*Morning Show- I love seeing such dedicated Disney fans gathered in one place for these special days.  We have all been there that someone doesn’t get it that you are such a Disney geek- well Geeks united yesterday morning and it was great!  Mike and Sully opened up the show with the Mayor, and then the usual gang of Characters came out on the train. Nothing really different except for the Monsters and the banner.  But, it was still exciting to open the 24 hours all together!24-6 24-9 24-8

*Thanks to great friends, I had my T shirt in my hands at literally ten minutes after 6. Jeff and Erica were in the Park at rope drop, in the Emporium, grabbed them, paid, and done!  Last year’s merch line was long and I didn’t want to do that again.24-12 24-11

*Main Street USA and the Castle are just amazing in the morning-today was nothing different, maybe even more special because of Event.24-13

*First ride was Cinderella’s Golden Carousel and last was Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.  I got in a ton of rides, and even did a bunch 2 and 3 times.24-18

*Jeeves!  Our group got a private ride down Main Street in the morning, and Brent asked our driver if we could call him “Jeeves” which Jonathan was super sweet about.  It was a very fun moment to start off the day!24-38

*I felt the lines were actually great- if we didn’t walk onto it, we fastpassed it.  The crowds I felt were incredibly calm and low until after Wishes to midnight. We fastpassed Peter Pan, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Buzz Lightyear, and the Great Goofini.

*They had Fastpasses for meeting Mickey and Minnie in their PJ’s which was a GOD SEND!  We grabbed them right after Wishes and literally waited 5 minutes to see them, and also got a FP for the Princesses, which we walked then right up for too- it was awesome!24-32

*The Chip and Dale Meet and Greet in PJS was held where Rapunzel used to meet, and 5 minutes before they came out we got in a line of only about 3 people ahead of us. Once they were out, the line was super long.  If you see a line forming, always ask who it is and get in it before they come out- you will always get it done much faster this way.24-43

*The crack of dawn “Ho Down” in Frontierland was so awesome!! I don’t remember ever seeing it before, but they had a ton of Characters out dancing with all of the Cast Members- it was the best time to see them and get that extra energy boost.  The Cast Members at this could have NOT been any nicer- thanks to the Ladies and Gents who entertained us and chatted before and after!24-41 24-40

*The Castle Dance Party was just as fun as last year, and there was plenty of room to dance in front of the Castle and around the “Partners” Statue area.  “Call Me Maybe” came on and it was a BLAST dancing to it with Brent and all of the Cast Members who were there.24-36

*Lunch at “Be Our Guest” was simply awesome- I always get the Braised Pork, and even though it is a heavy meal, I figured I could use the carbs to keep me going the rest of the day.  The long sit in the a/c, eating in the “Rose Gallery,” and did I mention we got to sit? Yeah, sitting seemed to be your best friend during the 24 hours.24-22

*All of the group hang outs and friends I ran into were wonderful, thanks to everyone who said hello and gave me a much needed hug or smile to keep going through the night.24-44

*Seeing the Disney Channel stars from “Shake it Up” and “Austin and Ally” as they filmed with Gaston for their shows- great magical moment!24-21

*Being picked as the girl they flirt with in the audience at the “Giggle Gang” show.24-27

*Hanging out with “Push”  the talking trash can24-29

*Having a blast talking to Donald!! 24-24

*Caught some of “Monsters Inc” movie playing in Tomorrowland24-33

*Free samples of the Monster Inc. candy apples at Storybook Circus.24-25

*The yummy snacks they had decorated for the Monstrous Summer event!24-26

*Waving to friends on Disney’s LIVE FEED on Main Street!

*Watching Brent and Kyra take the funniest and craziest ride on Dumbo I have ever seen!24-23

*Playing “Marco Polo” on the TTA with those riding Space Mountain24-30

*Seeing the head of the Pirate on the bridge that talk about the “bottles of rum” COMPLETELY fallen over that it looked like someone had hit him over the head and his head was about to fall off!! We got off the ride and they were shutting it down-I assume they didn’t want any others seeing the poor loppy head Pirate.

*Walking down Main Street at the end of the event, and seeing all the Cast Members out and clapping for us- it was like finishing a marathon for me- something so silly to be proud of, but I just was.24-31

*We saw Sully at the Meet in the morning and his Meet was an hour long, so we figured they will be in Studios now in their College clothes so we can catch them another time.24-35

*Singing the Mousketeers “M-I-C-K-E-Y” song at the end of the evening with all of the Characters, guests, and my friends, was just simply a sweet way to end the event- bravo Disney!24-42


*The obvious- it was much busier this year, especially in the evening. They put it on a holiday weekend, so it was expected to be.24-28

*The weather- the heat between noon and five was hitting many pretty hard. We tried to stay out of the sun at that time to avoid sunburn and dehydration.  Last year’s was in February and it was MUCH cooler. Also there was a ton of fog last time, this year was a GORGEOUS morning!

*The ending of the evening was SOOOO much better than last year because it had to be- they did NOTHING to end the long 24 hours last year and it was a major disappointment.

*I believe most of the rides stayed open- not the case last year.

*I felt there was more open to choose from for dining- also it could be they were ready for this anyways because it’s Memorial Day weekend.

*They really designed the night around their Monsters Inc. theme- it was fun to see the blue and green scattered throughout the day and Park.  Last year’s “One More Disney Day” was a fun theme, but they couldn’t really associate specific Characters to it like this year’s.24-45

Cons of the 24 Hours:

*Crowds after Wishes were INSANE!  Brent and I said goodbye to my family and then fastpassed Mickey and Minnie’s Meet and Greet. We planned on heading to our friends in Fantasyland- you could NOT get past the Bakery area- I mean 30 people deep and not a soul was moving. So we went around the front, into the backstage area that was open for crowd control, and once we got to the opening near the Terrace Restaurant, it was shoulder to shoulder people- and again, no one was moving.  So we headed back up to Town Square and waited for our FP times to arrive to meet Minnie and Mickey in PJ’s.   After an hour or so, the crowds lightened up and it seemed everyone had now moved off of Main Street.  Seriously, chaotic.

*Reception in the Park.  We could not get out a tweet, a picture, a status update, LIVE broadcast- ANYTHING without it being a large pain in the butt.  Whether I was on 3G or the Disney Parks WiFi, it seemed because of the large crowds, everyone was jamming up each other’s signals. I would get to one area and every single text pushed through at once- in fact as I write this, I am STILL getting some straggler texts from last night!  A very big thing to remember for next time!

*Scariest ride on Big Thunder- EVER! We were climbing the Mountain and it stopped dead on the tracks, but it was the way it stopped and jerked hard….I had that moment of “Oh my gosh what if we roll down the hill backwards?”  It wasn’t stopped long, but it rattled us both!24-39

*A close friend did have to go to First Aid for dehydration – it hit him pretty hard.  Thankfully Disney is a class act and he was up and ok about an hour later.  If you feel any problems, go and let them know so they can help- don’t be miserable all day. PLUS we got a sneak peek into the “Wish Lounge” which is for the Make A Wish families while they are in the Park for the day- a place to rest and relax.24-37

I don’t know which 24 Event I enjoyed more- since I just came off this one, it’s probably this one.  I am also still lacking sleep, so who knows.  I got to enjoy it with Kyra and Brent this year, so that was a huge plus than last.  I enjoyed all of the chats and gatherings and I would, of course, do it again….in a year.  Thanks for enjoying the magic along with me, and Brent- check out all of the conversations and pictures on The Relocated Tourist fan page on Facebook to see what we posted LIVE.  Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, thanks for reading!

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  1. You sound like a real pro in doing this! Well done!
    Were you at the movie? report on my blog) That was all I did, but that was GREAT!
    As is this report!


  2. Hi Amy. I stood near you and we chatted a bit. I told you I would look up your blog, and you said to leave a hello. I didn’t have a camera, so am going to send your blog on to my daughter, so she can get a glimpse. It was a fun event, and I am glad I was there for it.


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