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The New “Monsters University” Meet and Greet Area

Replacing the old Mike and Sully area next to the exit of the “Backlot Tour,” the Disney Imagineers have transferred this small area into a fun look of the Campus where Mike and Sully attended school.  What I LOVE about Disney is there eye for detail, so make sure that you take the time to read all of the postings in the queue area, as they are incredibly clever and make the time pass quickly while waiting to meet the green and blue themselves!  I was at the very end of the line, and it only took about 20 minutes to meet Sully.  They usually are together, but with life, sometimes Monsters get sick and can’t be out together all the time.  Ask if you want both so the CM can tell you for sure who you will be seeing. Enjoy!Monsters1 Monsters2 Monsters10Monsters3 Monsters4 Monsters5 Monsters6 Monsters7 Monsters8 Monsters9 Monstrs8


  1. Looks like fun! Thanks for the report. Can’t wait to check it out in a few weeks. My littles have been watching a ton of Monsters Inc. and great timing with the movie coming out the week we’re there. 🙂


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