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Our 2nd Year as Relocated Tourists Video

Enjoy our second year on this rollercoaster of FL living and relocation. Thanks to everyone who loved and supported us along the way!


  1. WOW!!! What a Wonderful Magical 2nd Year!!! So many wonderful memories and smiling faces. My goal is to finally meet you and make it into next years video. Love you Petermann Family!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh, my goodness… laughing, crying, smiling, REMEMBERING :). This is so beautiful, and it’s a joy to my heart that we’ve shared so many amazing memories… with many, many more to come :). I love you (and all the members of our Florida ‘Ohana) a TON!


    P.S. I didn’t know how you could top last year’s video, but you did!!


    • Im glad you loved it hun, you are one my closest friends and I am so thankful for you in my life. God bless you!


  3. We loved this video. My favorite part was the roller coaster clip (I think Thunder Mountain) and Little Mermaid, it totally looked like she was dancing to the “when can I see you again” song.


  4. LOVE it! I was smiling the entire time. So happy that you and your family is living your dreams.


  5. I am teary eyed watching this! So many of my Facebook and twitter friends are in this, and I can’t wait to get down there and meet everyone in person. I want to be all over next years video! Very touching, made me smile, laugh, cry, and just feel so good and happy all over. Thank you Amy for sharing your journey with us, it has been a huge inspiration in our own relocation! ❤


  6. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your wonderful year!!!!! I have just discovered The Relocated Tourist and you have given us hope that we will be able to do this someday!
    Congratulations! You have a beautiful family!


  7. Amy, I just slowed down and took the time to watch the entire video. I must say “Nicely Done!” It made miss you all even more and we hope to see you soon. Seeing so many familiar faces of friend that we all share, really does emphasize the magic of Disney and friendship.


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