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Dress It Up in New Orleans

Guest Author: Mary King of

I recently returned from a visit to California. During my trip, I was excited to spend some time at Disneyland and enjoy a meal at the Blue Bayou restaurant. Now I will admit that I am a Disney World girl at heart. But one thing I wish that Disney World’s Magic Kingdom had is New Orleans Square. I absolutely love this area of Disneyland. I’ve spent a bit of time in the real French Quarter, and its old world charm is unlike any other place in the United States. New Orleans Square captures it perfectly in its uniquely Disney way.

Being in the much more family friend version of New Orleans reminded me of a princess that I just love: Tiana. This girl has all the hard work, dreams, charm, and spunk that the French Quarter calls for. And if you are making a trip to the Blue Bayou, which has a gorgeous interior (for you Epcot fans, think San Angel Inn Restaurant in Mexico, but with a bayou theme), a Tiana inspired outfit is the way to go.tiana

I created both a formal and more casual ensemble, in case you want a romantic night under the stars as the fireflies flicker about, or if you want to enjoy the park after your meal. Green is obviously the theme to go with, since we see this darling princess and her prince in frog form through most of the movie. Add in some 1920s elements with art deco jewelry and t-strap heels. And wear just a touch of purple to make it pop. After all, purple is not only a Mardi Gras color…but it was also the color of choice for Dr. Facilier (who may or may not still lurk about New Orleans Square). To finish it off, a little frog can accompany you on your finger to remind you that you’re almost there.

So head on down to Disneyland and dine at the Blue Bayou with your fro…err…prince. Give him a sweet kiss, and remember…dreams do come true in New Orleans!!

The Relocated Tourist is sponsored by “Magical Mouse Plans Travel”

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