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The Fountain of Nations

Guest Author: Joe Diebold

We love eating lunch at the Electric Umbrella in EPCOT. Like so many quick service restaurants in Disney it offers a bounty of sandwiches, fresh fruits and other fried delights. The reason this quick service is a must do for theDisneyCouple is the beautiful view. fon1

Living in Buffalo New York there are not many affordable dining options that include a beautiful view. The Fountain of Nations in EPCOT is a breath taking and inspirational delight that we always look forward to. This fountain that the crowds rush by without taking a moment to enjoy houses the wishes of millions that believe in the power of dreams. I can sit and watch the water dance to its choreographed melody for hours and reflect on all of the dreams that I want to pursue in my life. fon3 fon5

It doesn’t matter how you document the goals in your life. Some people keep a journal, some talk to the stars. I look forward to my trips to Disney World. I save my pennies so that I can bring them to the Fountain of Nations in Epcot to throw in as a symbol of my dreams. Everyone has dreams so take a moment to reflect and live in the moment by taking in the magic of the Fountain of Nations. fon4

The Relocated Tourist is sponsored  by “Magical Mouse Plans Travel”


  1. What an awesome article! We have never sat and watched the fountain. I love the penny idea too. It sounds like we may have a new tradition to start.
    Jodi Rice


  2. There is nothing I enjoy more then watching the Fountain of Nations! I was on a solo trip in April and was able to spend as much time as I wanted just sitting and watching!


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