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Arabian Nights

Guest Author: Mary King of

We have seen the new beauty collection from Sephora representing the exotic Princess Jasmine. But what will you wear with that collection? And where will you wear it to?

The answer? You’ll be dressing up as Jasmine in this adorable inspired outfit for a fun filled belly dancing dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh!

Jasmine is all about the turquoise in her outfit, with flashes of gold that hint at her royal status. This is so easy to pull off right now, as not only turquoise a very popular color right now, but metallics are trending in a major way! So if you’ve ever coveted those gold shoes Jasmine sports, fear not! Pick up a pair of gold ballet flats or sandals to wear. Filigree designs are pretty easy to find with jewelry, and will give you a bit of exotic flair. And you simply cannot forget Rajah, Jasmine’s beloved pet tiger, who is well represented with this necklace.arabiannightspic

So if you are looking for a night of mystery and intrigue, find inspiration in Jasmine as you dine in a whole new world that Restaurant Marrakesh is. By the way, I highly recommend the chicken bastilla, roast lamb meshoui, and the Marrakesh delight!

The Relocated Tourist is sponsored by “Magical Mouse Plans Travel”

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