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Things To Do Before the Big Drive

Guest Author: Rachel Purcell

            My family and I just got back from our third drive down to Walt Disney World.  I thought I would write a quick article on a few last minute things that really help your budget before a big drive.

First of all, we rent a car.  So every month, I check the car rental rates to see if they have gotten cheaper.  I booked our car this time one year before our trip.  Our rental rate dropped four times during that time frame, saving my family $120!  That is quite a savings! I also check hotel rates (if we are able to cancel without penalty).  I was able to locate a “code” for two of our hotels and doing this saved our family another $40.  That is $160 in savings just by being diligent and checking rates!  I highly recommend doing this.  Every dollar counts when you are taking a trip this big.purcell2

Second, if you are using credit cards, check and see if they are having any specials for points.  My husband just got a “Cabela’s” credit card.  We found out before we left that at certain gas stations, he will receive 3 times the points.  We were able to take advantage of this on our trip, and he has a lot more points now.

Lastly, pack a good snack bag and take a cooler if you have the room.  This trip, we packed “Goober Grape” PB&J and bread, Combo’s, beef jerky, chex mix and a variety of other things.  We also had cold drinks.  Stuck in traffic and don’t want to stop?  Make up some sandwiches in the car and keep on trucking!  This has saved us money and time in some big cities, and we had a lot of fun doing this! purcell1

A big drive takes a lot of planning.  But, in the end, it is totally worth it.  We saved a lot of money by checking and being prepared and we have many wonderful memories!

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  1. We have driven 3 times. It saves quite a bit if you compare it to flying with the whole family. We would always stop in Daytona and stay a t a hotel on the beach . It would give us a beach day plus we would get up early and well rested to drive into Disney and start our 1st day well rested and ready to go.


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