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Sea Raycers at Walt Disney World

Guest Author: Zach Nace

As everyone who visits WDW knows, there are so many things to do. In fact most people dont get to do everything they want on their vacation to Disney. Going to four parks and riding, ride after ride and trying to eat as much Disney food as you can, there is no wonder why its hard to achieve everything.

As I found out while living in Disney, there is a new thing that I love to do. No its not resort hoping or even hitting up the parks. My newest favorite thing to do in WDW is using what Disney offers as recreation. My favorite type of recreation Disney offers is called Sea Raycers. These are small 1-2 passenger motorized (9.9 HP) boats that you can rent all over WDW property that happens to have waterways for travel.

Other things you can do within the “recreation” category is fish, Jet Ski, parasail, rent a pontoon boat and on and on. This is truly a neat experience that gets you away from the monotony of lines and outside and having some fun! My favorite thing to do with the Sea Raycers is to rent them from the Contemporary Resort, (I’ve always gone there, I don’t know why…?) when you rent the boats from the Magic Kingdom resorts, (Contemporary, Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness) you are allowed access to the Seven Seas Lagoon in front of the Magic Kingdom. How freaking awesome is that!! Honestly if you have an extra day of two in Disney, do something with recreation, trust me you will not regret it!searay10

Also if you are a Cast Member you get 50% OFF Recreation! So if you’re a Cast Member you can have a whole hour on the water in a Sea Raycer for only $20.00. Now that’s awesome!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read Relocated Tourists!

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