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Disney’s Car Masters Weekend 2013

It was muggy this morning, and even rained a bit so most of the cars were, at first, covered up. But by the time the sun came out, and you didn’t think you could be any sweatier, it did, I was, but it was all in the name of cool cars and fun stuff. Here is what I saw and did, enjoy in your cool air conditioned homes.Car19

I got there nice and early, thinking I could beat the heat at 8:30 a.m.  Even though the event was not to start until 9:30, I figured the cars would all be out early so why not get a jump on it.  I parked in the last lot near Cirque, on the West End of Downtown Disney. And a heads up, it is ONLY going on on the WEST SIDE of DTD, nothing in Marketplace or Pleasure Island.Car9Car5Car14 Car16Car6Car11

I met up with my good pal Wendy, and we found the Souvenir truck and fell in love with all the Merch. I love a new T-Shirt, but I REALLY love one with the Monorail on it.  They had TWO different Monorail shirts, including the cars from the weekend, and even the NEW Disney bus on one!  I thought they were very clever, very sharp, and would make a great Fathers Day present!   It was also super exciting to see the CARS Land merch for sale, only this weekend, which were the Cozy Cone and Luigi Tire hats.  I wouldn’t wear them, but they are cute.CAR20Car8 Car7

We then headed around the Cirque end of things to see the cars, listen to the DJ, and then headed up the main fairway to see what was going on at “D Street.”  But every time we got closer, we got distracted by more fun things going on. The Meet and Greet for the three cars- Lightening, Mater, and Finn.  If you are interested in doing this, the line was an hour long down the boardwalk area.  Get there early or bring something to do for the wait for the kids.Cars18

On the boardwalk side of things, you can find the “Disney Infinity” game being demoed for anyone inerested. The line was short for us at 10 a.m. and after you play, you get a FREE figure for each person in your party.  It was a great freebie and it was fun to learn about the game- it comes out August 18th and it will be available on all platforms, including PC.Car13

The next tent we found was for “Planes” which is the next Disney film coming out after “Monsters University.” You could play carnival type games here to win Planes tattoos and wood planes- great freebies for anyone. Car1

Right next to the PLANES tent was a small stand with slips of paper to take and vote for your favorite car in the show. Once you brought it back, you got a 20% coupon off any participating DTD Restaurant for this weekend only.  I did it and she said I was the first one, YAY for being on top of things!Car17

In front of the AMC Theater was the Monsters Univsersity vehicle, along with a Sully and Mike statue to pose for pics with . But the best part here were the free bumper stickers they were handing out at the door- super cute.

After that was pretty much checking out lots of the cars, along with playing near the “Long Ranger” backdrop area )located by the Harley shop DTD entrance). Here we got free masks, a great photo opp, and a chance to see the statues on their horses outside PLANET HOLLYWOOD on the balcony that goes around the outside.  Check them out if you get the chance. (Although I have no clue if they leave them out when it rains, which it has a lot today).

I went home with a huge smile on my face- not only having had had the best time with Wendy, but just enjoying Disney for what it always is- a great time. I was there for about 2.5 hours and felt that was plenty of time to enjoy the show- but I didn’t attend any of the CARS movies,  nor did I stand in the Meet and Greet line.  You could also go and meet the designer of the Merch that was out this weekend, Chip Foose, at “D Street”, and the CARS filmmaker, Jay Ward, who I believe is autographing all weekend. Thanks to the CAR Masters show for having me, and I encourage all to check it out!

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