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We are Now Living Happily Ever After…

Guest Author: Heather Clemmer

In the shadow of the pink 25th anniversary castle, I started my college program.  In those days, sometime during the application process you are asked to name a few places you would like to work.  My first choice was “Tinkerbell’s Treasures” and little did I know uttering those words would truly change my life!

            I signed up for a spring semester and made the journey from snowy IL to sunny FL in January.  My first week as a cast member was dedicated to Disney training, meeting roommates, and neighbors in our Apartment, and learning to navigate the roads/traffic in Orlando.  At some point that week I was told Magic Kingdom would be my “home” but still had no idea which land.  At the end of our “Once Upon a Time is Now” class, trainers from each land came and collected their new hires. My name was called from a girl in Fantasyland attire and my heart leaped!  She handed me a packet with Minnie in princess attire and off we went down the tunnel toward the purple Fantasyland walls. heather2

            Working in this area of the park was a blessing! (Especially if you were running late!)  The cast bus drops you right off in your land, costuming, locker rooms, and a large cafeteria were just steps away, instead of a long walk through the tunnel…You quickly learn which staircases to take in your area.  And there is nothing quite like riding an elevator that goes up into the Cinderella’s castle!  To this day I still love hearing the music from the carousel or the chimes from Pinocchio’s Village House.  They are the sounds of my time spent working there.  And though Tinkerbells Treasures is no more, I can still hear the playful pixie flying around the shop.  That was sound I heard the first time I laid eyes on a boy named Mike from Chicago…He helped me navigate the stock rooms for merchandise (they are huge and expansive) I have to give him kudos, cause learning this so well, lead to my favorite job of stocking the stores and carts.  I would wear a pager and whenever someone needed something they would call me with a list.  I enjoyed it because I was able to work and walk around the entire land, instead of just remaining in one spot for a shift. (I do know that this has changed as our cousin is on her CP now, and they change spots throughout their shift on Main Street.) I think this makes for better guest service as the cast members will be more familiar with where certain items can be found~instead of sending everyone to the Emporium at the end of the night!heather1

            My program ended in May.  However, I could not stand the thought of leaving, what better way to spend your summer off than Disney???  Luckily I was not alone and a few other friends decided to stay.  So we moved away from our Disney apartment to one just down the road from Universal Studios (gasp!)  We learned to navigate I4, and locate the nearest Publix. Many of them became lifeguards at the water parks, but in Fantasyland I remained.  August was fast approaching and as my roommates packed to return, I still could not bear the thought of leaving. I think most readers of this blog can relate. There are those of us where the Disney magic takes hold of your heart, and doesn’t let it go. Nor, would we want it too!  I was again in need of a roommate, and a place to live.  This time I was wise, and picked a native Floridian (one who was already living there with her family) and one who knew of a great place to live, close to work.  We ended up in a townhome in Clermont. Also at this time, it wasn’t only Disney who had my heart, remember that boy from Chicago, he had it too! Yes, I met my hubby in Fantasyland! Not too many people (at least in Illinois) can say that their love story truly began in the land of once upon a time.   Behind those purple tunnel walls, I was given a bridal shower, and later a baby shower.

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  1. What a delightful story. I know what you mean about Disney grabbing your heart. Kudos for not returning home once you found your true home. Congrats on the happily ever after.


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