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Our Trip to the Kennedy Space Center

Guest Author: Thadine Mauricio

In 2009 while planning one of our Disney trips, my son’s asked to go to Kennedy Space Center. I think my husband had something to do with that though. I was not so sure if my, then, 5 year old would enjoy it but decided to give it a try.I tried to find as much info as I could and made my own touring plan.

Kennedy Space Center opens from 9:00 am till 6:00 pm, and their tours start at 10:00 am.Entrance fee for adults is $50 and for children between 3-11 $40 (tax included). It is about an hour drive coming from Kissimmee, so take this into consideration.

We arrived around 9:00 and paid $10 to park the car, I was kind of in a hurry because I read that the Shuttle Launch Experience was the first attraction that you needed to go to because the line would build up fast.

So after we paid the entrance fee, we hurried to find the Shuttle Launch which was located all the way to the back.  When we got there they told me my son (5) couldn’t ride, and that we had to rent a locker for bags and camera’s.

FINALLY around 10:10 we entered Shuttle launch. First you see a pre show for about 10 minutes!!
Then they take the non-riders to a room with a monitor where you can see your family that’s doing the ride.

I sat with my 5 yr old and we saw my husband and my other son having fun.
My husband said it was cool, you really feel like going up in a rocket. My son also liked it a lot.
After that we went to the Early Space exploration exhibit, we quickly walked through it. The kids tried to stamp their passports, but not all the stamps machines were working.

We then decided to take the 2 hour bus tour. It’s self-paced and you decide how long you will stay at each stop.
All the stops have places to eat and restrooms.  Each stop has also lots of educational information.
The boys loved seeing the rockets, and we saw movies about the shuttle launches.

One of the high lights for the boys was taking this picture.Kennedy

Another activity that we all loved was going to the IMAX theater. It’s 3-D and we choose the one where Tom Cruise is the narrator. The movie will take you inside a rocket where you can see up close how the astronauts live and work in the rocket- it’s really amazing.

There was a lot more to do, but we were all tired and decided to leave. Not sure if it still offered, but we got a free ticket to return the next day. Unfortunately we had other plans and we did not use the free ticket.

I recommend a visit to Kennedy Space Center, besides being an educational place, it is also a lot of fun. There is even a playground for the little ones. The place is clean and well kept and they have a nice choice of different restaurants. We had a great time.


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