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Adapting to the Heat

Having lived here for 2 years now, and more importantly, 2 hot summers, we have learned to adapt and adjust to the heat here pretty well.  I thought it was worth blogging about since many do relocate from different climates.  Here is how we have dealt with it, enjoy!

I will never forget the day we got here, not only the excitement I felt, but the wall of heat the minute I opened the car door.  I remember laughing at how hot it was, because honestly, nothing can prepare you for it.  Now, granted, we had been driving all day, so we were ready to get out into any type of weather to escape the car, but it was the humidity that I remember the most.

We had always come on vacation during the non-summer months to avoid the heat- in fact the one and only time we tried June we regretted it because it was so hot out. So here’s the first fun factor, if you have vacationed in the heat here before, you already have had a taste of it. If you avoided it, like we tried to most of the time, it may be a small shock to your system.  If you didn’t do well during a week long trip, how are you going to handle a life-times worth? It is definitely something to think about.

I compare the FL Summers to the WI Winters…in that you stay indoors all the time and go out only when you HAVE too.  Now, having a pool has been wonderful during these hot months, as we take a vacation to our backyard and swim while listening to Disney Radio music- yes, we still listen to it. But the only perk is that “You don’t have to shovel heat.”  Instead of freezing outside, you may get heat stroke.  You learn to drink plenty of water and only do active things outside in the early hours or before dusk.  Gardening, mowing, even cleaning out the garage- it can wait because the humidity makes it hard to breathe, which in turn slows you down, and then disaster can strike with any number of health issues.  I did have to learn my lesson, I was mowing last summer at around 1 pm and I almost passed out- it was too much and I WAS drinking a ton of water.

Before you freak out at the heat, remember that the brunt of it is during the summer months into early Fall.  The rest of the year is just amazing, and the temps are incredible.  When you can walk around in shorts in January, it’s not too shabby at all.  The funny thing is, is that it works out for most because the summer brings the crowds, so the Parks are already hard to deal with- then add the humidity and it’s just a nightmare. So summers present an opportunity to do something else, and stay away from the high traffic tourist areas.  It’s basically time to get creative at home or something else nearby that is indoors.

I can say in the Summers here that I drink water more, I take cold showers, I swim a lot, and I spend more time inside finding things to do. I try to avoid denim shorts when I can, but also find things to wear that won’t chafe. The days of socks seem to dissapear until the Fall again, altho on occasion Ill wear them for running or a long day in the Parks. When I do go in the Parks, I duck out of the sun as much as possible.  Every time I use the restroom I see it as a chance to put cold water on the back of my neck and arms- it’s a nice, cool, but short-lived solution.  Also the POISE cooling cloths (meant for menopause but who cares) work very well and have a nice soothing scent- also easy to carry in your purse or backpack.

It’s the season of going from your air-conditioned house, to your air-conditioned car, to then your air-conditioned destination.  I have to say it’s funny how much I run my a/c in my home and car, almost all year round. Not as much after the summer, but it still kicks in to keep the edge off.   What I paid for heat in WI, I pay for in a/c here easy.  It depends on what temp you like to keep your home at too- we like around 75 degrees.  I like it cold at night too, much easier to sleep.florida

On the flip side, once the temps dip under 60 degrees outside, I am instantly cold.  60 degrees were warm in WI, that was party time for shorts and flip-flops- but here I’m ready for a sweatshirt.   I had heard your blood eventually thins out, and now I am a true believer of this.  I will say I can handle the heat better now, as my body is used to it, but you just learn to adjust your schedule to the new climate and once your second summer comes around, you will be a pro!


  1. I’ve been down in Florida for 14 years now, and still hate the heat as much, and it still oppresses me. Everything you said, to deal with it, is true. Staying indoors, going from air conditioned car to air conditioned house, etc. is true. Drinking lots of water, true. Doing things outdoors mostly early a.m or early evening is true. You described it all quite well. Thank you


  2. I love your comparison of winter and summer…going to use this one because that is my husbands biggest worry is the summer heat. I told him we will do the same there as we do at home now…stay in the air conditioning. I think it cost us more to heat then keep it cool and we will have a smaller house for sure. Just trying everything I can to get him to make the leap…thanks this will help


  3. thanks for the tidbits of information – especially for a pre-menopausel woman LOL Hopefully by the time I relocate menopause will be over! Thanks amy


  4. So true! It’s 57 in Oregon right now and we are wearing t-shirts and shorts…….I think I’m going to melt when we move to Orlando in the fall!


  5. Thanks for posting this! Very good read! We are so tired of winters up here in Nebraska. Can’t wait until we are moving South someday……:)


  6. When we were considering retirement near the mouse, one of our main concerns was the unbearable summer heat. But, like you, we considered it a trade off. Here in NJ, we spend about 5 months hiding from the cold and 2 months hiding from the summer heat. Ultimately, it was the birth of our first grandchild that convinced us to endure the NJ weather.


  7. I am a true believer too! 😉 We always chuckle on a trip in November-February when cast members’ are wearing their heavy winter coats and we are walking around in our flip flops and t-shirts….Perhaps a light jacket in the evenings! 😉


  8. I love this blog. Every one always asks me…”Can you imagine paying an electric bill with your a/c running all the time?” I replied the same as Amy…If I can pay for heating oil, I can pay for electric.


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