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Going Back to (Monster) School

Guest Author: Mary King

We are just under two months away from Disney-Pixar’s Monsters University release date. Have you already applied and been accepted? Because guess what? It’s time to go back to school. And if you are anything like me, a return to school (or new job, or anything else) means new wardrobe pieces!


I am really loving these Greek life ringer tees, available on the Disney Store website. Men can pledge to be part of the Oozma Kappa brotherhood, while women can show their support for the fraternity. If you’re not ready to pledge to this fraternity, don’t fret. Check out your new school’s website at where you can learn about admissions, check out some of the other fraternities and sororities (I am personally considering rushing Python Nu Kappa), and even buy exclusive MU merchandise that can’t be found on the Disney Store website.

So what are you waiting for? Join in the fun with your new alma mater! Classes began June 21, 2013…make sure you are dressed for it!


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