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Living Outside the Bubble

We have all done it…walked off that airplane, got out of that long car ride, or disembarked “Magical Express” and had THAT feeling. You know that one I’m talking about? It’s like butterflies in not only your stomach, but all over, from the excitement of KNOWING you are about to start your Disney vacation.  But what that feeling is, and what living here is, are two VERY different things.  I know MANY of you are looking to move here, or are in the process, and I just wanted to shed some light on things so that you are ready for what is to come.

I can say with all honesty that the day we moved here, I had “that” feeling.  It was so intense, and exciting, and almost overwhelming because I knew this trip, this journey was the longest vacation we were all about to take.  Because we never moved here before, it is like the BIGGEST vacation you will ever have to plan for. But I almost hate using the “v” word because it isn’t one, it’s anything and everything but.   That’s what I really want to get across to all of you…the move will NOT be the vacations you took.  Let’s dig deeper and explore this, shall we?

When you are on vacation, you usually have lots of fun spending money, no work, and basically no real schedule or responsibilities besides making sure you leave with as many kids as you came with.  But when you move here, that Disney bubble becomes something else.   I hear so many different reasons of why people want to move here, but I start to cringe when I hear people talking like it will be the same as vacation.   Having lived it, I know that life is just as real here as it was in Wisconsin.  Having Theme Parks nearby changes nothing, but gives you an outlet for recreation and enjoyment.  Life still happens- you still need to have a job, pay your bills, get your kids to school, and grocery shop.

Imagine it this way. Where you live right now, whatever state, city, etc… Think about Disney World being minutes away from you -how would your current life change? Would it at all?  You would still have all your responsibilities, just a really cool added bonus nearby.  THAT is how you have to think about it, because if you come for Disney, and for Disney only, you are going to be sorely disappointed.   Anything amazing and awesome in life has it’s limits, and that even includes Theme Parks.   Ask any local here, and If they are truly honest with you, they will tell you that sometimes they have had their fill and need to do something else for awhile.  It’s not a bad thing, it’s just realistic.EPCOT

So as hard as it is to put the Disney side of Relocation last on the list so that you can focus on all of the “life” things, you will be happier in the end that you succeeded as a FL resident AND Relocated Tourist.

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  1. Excellent post, Amy, and well said! We’ve lived in a few vacation places – Orlando and Las Vegas to name two – and living there changes the experience for you. But, like you said, it does allow you access to some really fun stuff. And there is something about living in a more touristy place that can bring joy to your everyday life but you have to be ready for it. I’ve found that it’s then harder to live in non-touristy places – you get hooked on it. The biggest problem in Florida for us was culture. As the HR rep said as we were leaving Orlando, “West Coasters don’t stay” so where you are from also plays into where you are comfortable living. Hope all of your readers who do move to Orlando have a fabulous time because the Florida lifestyle outside of Disney can be quite appealing!


  2. Absolutely true! Thanks for posting on this subject Amy. It is so tempting to just want to take a leap and move to Florida but its important to keep in mind the true WHY of moving. We realize that the lifestyle we wish to have in FL would be a challenge to achieve if the proper steps are not taken. How bad would it be to finally move a few ears length away from the mouse only to realize you didn’t have enough money or time away from work to enjoy it.


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