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What is the best age to take your kids to Walt Disney World?

Guess what…ANY age is the age to take them to Disney World. Know why? Because it is YOUR child, and it is YOUR life.   This is a small vent post because I have been told enough stories now that I want to address this- so here it is.

There is a HUGE difference of someone asking you “What is the best age” to “WHY would you bring your young child here?”  Here is the sad part…I have heard it in conversations around me, I have heard it from people I know and I have heard it from those who were just simply enjoying their vacation and someone decides to be rude and say “WHY would you bring a child that young here?”  UGH! People!!!  This is Disney World, not an “R” rated film.

Of course there are “easier” ages to bring them, depending on your child’s personality. Some kids can handle Characters at a young age, some get terrified. Some don’t mind the crowds and noise, some can’t be around it. Different ages have different needs, so as a parent, you know what your child can and cannot handle.  It really is that simple.  But we aren’t there to be a family’s judge and jury! I used to see the tiny babies in the Parks and wonder, like many, “Why would you bring a baby?” And my reasoning on this was that they won’t be able to remember the trip.  BUT here’s the thing- the parents may also have 2 other kids who are the PERFECT age now, or this was the timing they had, or they were there with other friends and family- whatever the reason is, it is NONE of our business.

When it becomes our business, and I mean this with the most respect, is when little ones are causing chaos in a line, making it hard for others around them to enjoy the attraction, etc..  We each paid to be in the Park, so everyone is entitled to experience it.  As long as you are respectful with your little one (and we are respectful as well) and making sure that they aren’t causing a problem, then it should never matter if you would like to bring your baby, your toddler, your teen, or your old man.  Respect for everyone will make your vacation, and others, as magical as it should

When you see someone struggling with a stroller on a bus, or needing a seat at a Restaurant…can we all just stop judging and HELP them out?  If you have taken any child to Disney World, you know the work that is involved. Listen, most parents would agree with me that it isn’t this “glorious vacation” from end to end because it is A LOT of hard work.  They don’t need to be “scolded” while they are trying to calm down their child while they are having a meltdown, or trying to figure out how they fit in the pics with the Characters AND still keep them excited for it while in the long lines.  It is WORK, and yes, it is THEIR choice to bring them, but let’s all enjoy the Disney magic together and help each other out.

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  1. My baby daughter visited Disneyland dozens of times until she was 18 months and we had a great time, both because I was performing there and because when we had her with us we realized it was all about HER, not us.
    Families being what they are, I couldn’t take her again until she was 6 years old, by which time she had no memory of the place. The one thing your article doesn’t address is the miracle of that limited window of time when the park can be truly magical, when the child is old enough to understand and yet young enough to believe. On our long-delayed return, Katie and I had the most amazing two-day visit… they weren’t ‘rides’ to her young imagination, they were miracles, adventures that we faced together. I wish every parent could experience that joy… but it takes patience.
    There are only a few years when Peter Pan’s Flight can send her mind soaring over London, and then it’s just another ride.


  2. I took my daughter the first time when she was 3. I had so many people telling me she wouldnt remember, why waste the money (idiots, disney is NEVER a waste of money). She still remembers that time and allll our other trips as well. We grow in our Disney trips together and always discover something new. Why not prolong the magic?!


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