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Disney Store…Saint Louis, Missouri

Guest Author: Kim Parker

I have lived in Saint Louis all of my life and was so happy to have several Disney stores in our area. When my daughter was small we would frequent the Disney stores because we weren’t able to visit the most magical place on earth. This was the next best thing.

We would go and check out all of the Disney princess items and also the big mouse hisself. We were sadden to hear when all of our stores were closing.ds21

We kept our eyes and ears open in hope of a store opening nearby and finally after 6 years they reopened one if our stores.

The Disney store at Galleria Mall in Brentwood reopened, it isn’t as big as the original store. It was a disappointment at first, but as time has gone by the magic is slowly coming back to the store.ds11

The cast members at this store make you feel like you are at WDW. I was talking to one of the cast members at the store and she said about 50% of them that work at this store either had worked at WDW or Disneyland years before in the Disney College Program.

They make you feel warm and fuzzy with the all things Disney.

Disney Store
Galleria Mall
Brentwood, Missouri

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  1. Well, hopefully they have new cast members, because when we went in there in the fall the cast members didn’t have the “Magic”. I was disappointed with the cast members.


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