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Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World

Guest Author: Catherine Jones

 My parents and I have used Best Friends Pet Care at Disney World to board our dog, Bruno, several times and they have never disappointed us! The design of the place is great; it is very inviting and very clean. The dogs are completely separated from the cats for the entire length of the visit and they even have a section to take a care of the “pocket pets” (i.e. goldfish, hamsters…)! The check-in process is very simple and all the castmembers are more than welcome to answer any questions you may have about anything. You will need to bring your pets shot records with you, as they will need those for check-in. You can pack up to 2 toys for your pet and makes sure they are marked with your pet’s name. You do not have to bring food for your pet if you do not want to, Best Friends can/will provide food if needed. We bring our own because Bruno has food allergies. The wonderful castmembers can give medication to your pet, just no injections. The Best Friends website has all of these details and more, so go check it out or feel free to give them a call and they will be more than willing to help clear up any questions you may have about they check-in process or anything like that.bestfriends

The pricing, I feel, is comparable to other places and they offer discounts for staying on Disney property and for annual pass holders as well! We have boarded Bruno in the indoor/outdoor room and the VIP suite, but there is also the indoor room and the vacation villa as well. In the VIP suite, each room has their own personal attendant, a TV, two beds, and if your pet stays for three nights or more they get a go home fresh bath! At the end of your dogs stay in the VIP suite you are given a picture of your dog! It is such a cute little memento!  The VIP suite also has a webcam in it so you can see what your dog is doing. You can visit your pet anytime during regular operating hours and you can rest assured that your pet is being cared for 24 hours a day. The cast members really care for your pets; once they even called to let us know that they had cleaned Bruno’s ear where he had been scratching at it! They offer grooming services and day camps/ play groups as well. Bruno really enjoys the play groups, which cost extra most of the time, but is included in the Vacation Villa and VIP Suite room pricing. My family absolutely loves taking Bruno to Best Friends and Bruno loves it too!Bruno

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