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A Look at Storybook Circus

Guest Author: Joe Diebold

For many years we have come to Disney World and one of our favorite things to do was to walk through Mickey and Minnie’s houses.  Ohh the memories we had meeting Mickey for the first time in the Judges tent and Minnie in her Rose garden, or playing on Donald boat and watching Barnstormer, and Halloween in Toon Town was so much fun.  Like I said it gave us a lot of great memories but looking back on the area it did really need a updo, something to keep people in that area a lot longer and give guests something a little more to do. circus1

That something gave us the StoryBook Circus!! We were still recovering from the loss of Toon Town when we made our way back down to Disney so we cautiously made our way to the back of the park.  When we got there we were shocked and delighted to see what a amazing area it had become.  circus2

Barnstormer had a new look to the old ride.  The theme of the new Barnstormer is amazing.  It captures the essence of Goofy from the rocket to Bowling Balls. Everything you love about Goofy is in this ride.  Take a few minutes and look around the ride at all the details that are placed.circus3

The new and Improved Dumbo ride…well what more to say but WOW!!  They really made a amazing improvement on this ride.  Two sides to enjoy so the wait is not so long. If there is a  wait then you can sit in the waiting area and let your child play!!! Now that is just genius!!  Granted your child will probably not want to leave the waiting area but that’s another story…circus4circus5

There is the meet and greet area where you can meet 4 of your favorite characters – Minnie, Daisy, Donald and Goofy are all waiting to see you in the Big Top.  This was a great idea to get all of these guys in one room to keep the lines moving, granted you have to get into 2 lines to see them all but still better then 4 lines!!circus6

One of the best parts of this area is the Carey Jrs splash and play area.  Kids love water – there is just no stopping them from running under a spraying elephant or monkeys with fire hoses.  It is a blast watching the kids play in the water – just a warning you may want to keep a spare change of clothes for the kids. circus7

The last part of this area is the Big Top Souvenirs tent.  This is a pretty awesome shop with food, drinks and clothes. circus8

The whole area is amazingly themed and brings a fresh new life to the area we once called Toon Town and we now happily call it StoryBook Circus.  For many people it will still be the area where Mickeys house was but this area will bring many wonderful memories to you if you let it!  Thanks for reading and have a magical day!!

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