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The Fashionable Napa Rose

Guest Author: Mary King of

 During my recent trip to California, I not only got to eat at the Blue Bayou Restaurant, but also thoroughly enjoyed a girls’ night out dinner with my cousin/best friend at the Napa Rose Lounge. Napa Rose itself is the flagship restaurant of the Grand Californian Resort and Spa, and really of Disneyland in general. The Lounge is its more casual “sister” of sorts, offering some of the appetizers and desserts that the full service restaurant offers. Here you can also enjoy some of the finest wine California has to offer, along with some delicious cocktails.

My cousin and I found this a perfect time to dress up. The Lounge, as I mentioned, is more casual. The chairs are much more cushioned and relaxed, several seats are near the fireplace, and reservations are not really necessary. That said, I always find it necessary to consider the location of where I will be dining when deciding on what I will be wearing. While Napa Rose and the Napa Rose Lounge do not enforce a dress code, these are not tshirt and shorts type of places. These are places you’d want to shower up and get a fresh change of clothes for after a day at the park.napa1

Dining at a more upscale restaurant obviously meant that I needed a lovely dress. I mean come on ladies… how many times do you get a dress for a special occasion and think “where else am I going to wear this?” Well, Disney, of course! What a perfect opportunity to break out those fancy frocks and dine at some exquisite places while sipping on a fabulous cocktail!napa2

And if you still feel like keeping it casual, you can always order the pizza. No seriously, this thing is amazing. Grapes, smoked prosciutto, Cambozola cheese…an explosion of flavor.napa3

Paired with the signature Napa Rose cocktail, my night was a fashionable and decadent one to remember!


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