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The Dapper Dans

Guest Author: Heather Araskiewicz

Anyone who has ventured up or down Main Street U.S.A at Walt Disney World has probably at some point in time seen them. Or heard them. They are the Dapper Dans a barbershop quarter who perform along Main Street several times a day using Deagan Organ Chimes as part of their act.

Thinking back, I have passed them (or heard them in the distance) on almost every trip I have taken to WDW.  For some reason I never took the time to stop and just enjoy their show. During our last trip in October 2012 our group was slowly making their way down Main Street late in the day. We were strolling as slowly as we could because it was our last day in the parks and we were heading back to the hotel to get the Magical Express back to the airport. Although we didn’t see the act from the beginning we were able to catch most of it and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can finally say I got a chance to see the Daper Dans!dapperdan1

So the next time you are exploring Main Street try to take some time to stop and listen to the quarter. You won’t be disappointed.


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