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Rain at Disney? Darn, guess I’ll HAVE to have a Viking Coffee…

Guest Author: Cheryl Anraku 

In May of 2009. I was at Disney for a week, during which it rained, a lot. As in 40 inches in 5 days. It rained so much that between the bag check area at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, and the bus stop to the Caribbean Beach Resort, I got soaked, down to my underwear soaked (sorry if this is TMI). I wondered as I was walking to the bus stop if it was possible for your contact lenses to wash out of your eyes in the rain. I was so wet, that I shivered miserably on the air conditioned bus.  When I exited the bus at the resort the bellhops took one look at me and just handed me a towel.   They told me, “See that lake over there?” “Yes.” “It isn’t supposed to be there” So you get the idea that it was really rainy.

Later during the afternoon, I met my daughter at Epcot, she was in the college program at the time (she worked at Big Thunder in the Magic Kingdom and was over 21 just so you know). And no surprise it started to rain again…a drizzle this time. We’d both been soaked most of the day. (The Magic Kingdom actually had inches of standing water in various places that day, she’d been out in it, letting people know that Big Thunder was down due to the weather).  Anyway, the point is, we were both bit tired, kind of miserable, NOT the way you usually feel while at Disney.  And we happened to be walking by the Kringla Bakeri og Café, and decided to go in (no line!) to get ‘School Bread’ which we’d heard so much about but had never tried. We decided since it was chilly and rainy that we needed a cup of coffee to go with. Then we saw it, ‘Viking Coffee, flavored with Kamora Coffee Liqueur and Bailey’s ( I mean who doesn’t need one of these?).  We decided to get one to share. The nice cast member behind the counter asked if we wanted whipped cream like that was really a question (umm, YES) and so it began.viking_coffee_and_school_bread_1

We found a place to sit and were introduced to the most perfectly matched rainy day mood improver of all time, the Coconut topped, custard filled deliciousness of School Bread and the comforting warmth of For Grown Ups only Viking Coffee.  This combination immediately made our afternoon better.  And so began the love affair with School Bread and Viking Coffee and drizzly cool afternoons at the most magical place on earth. If you have never tried Kringla Bakeri og Café, School Bread and Viking Coffee. I suggest that you remedy this on your next visit. Oh, and we have never shared a Viking Coffee again. So, you probably should just start out and get one all for yourself.



  1. We must’ve been there the same week in ’09, I’ve never seen that much rain in my life!!!
    And yes I love Viking Coffee and School Bread, too!


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