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My Favorite Beach in Florida

Guest Author: Cheryl Maahscheryl3

Florida is full of pristine beaches, my personal favorite is Caspersen Beach. It’s located about 2 hours  from central Orlando but well worth the drive. The physical address is Caspersen Beach, 4100, Harbor Drive, Englewood, FL 34285. It is nestled in the unique city of Venice. A fun activity to do at Caspersen Beach is one Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud of, hunting for fossilized sharks teeth. You will feel like a true pirate once you find this treasure.  Just bring a sieve type tool (a simple beach toy sieve will work) and scoop up some sand just where the tide rolls in, rinse the sand with a little salt water and see what you have. No worries if your first scoop doesn’t turn up a tooth, give at least 5 tries and I am certain you will find one. The shark’s teeth vary in size and color so keep your eyes open. If you are new to Florida beaches always remember 2 things 1. Protect yourself from the sun, have plenty of sunscreen, sun hats, sunglasses, etc. and sandals as the sand can be piping hot and make you practice the African dances you learned from the Animal Kingdom. I’m from the Northwest where the ocean water ice cold for a majority of the year, so a warm beach was a whole new experience for me, I learned pretty quickly to go overboard on the sun protection after my first day of resembling a cooked lobster. cheryl4 cheryl5

The 2nd thing to remember is to be watchful and respect the wildlife. You may find marine life swimming about such as stingrays and jellyfish. I always found the rays to be pleasant creatures as long as I was calm and didn’t romp about in the water where they were swimming. I wasn’t lucky enough to spot a sea turtle but they are around, their nests are often protected by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.Cheryl1

I hope you get to venture out to the beach on your next trip to Florida. If you stop by Venice write me back, I’d love to hear about your visit. Catch ya’ in the surf!


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