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Finding Your Faith

I have no excuse for not finding a Church sooner, I just don’t.  I know that fear played a big part in it, laziness another, and once you miss a couple of Sundays, it’s easy to keep following that path. I am here to declare with much happiness and joy that our family has found our new “home” in Orlando.

What does it take to find a new church home? Well, it takes guts. Why? Because whatever church life you left behind, it leaves a mark on your heart.  I left a wonderful church in Appleton that I truly felt was a family.  I could not wait for choir rehearsals- they were such a recharge for my system during the week.  Seeing those wonderful smiles, getting that hug that they somehow knew I needed, and worshiping with some of the most beautiful voices I had ever heard- it was truly a magical time in my life.   Before we moved, I was baptized in front of my family and friends, and declared publicly that I was not ashamed to be a follower of Christ.  It was one of the happiest moments in my life.

I knew that moving would affect my spiritual life in a big way, because the security and familiarity of my home church would be gone.  My life in WI was literally working my part time job, my family and my friends time, and being active in my Church.  There was no Disney or Orlando life there, so what started to happen here, which I was seriously afraid would, would be that the Disney life would replace my church life.  And I am not ok with that. This life will fall away some day, and my eternity is where my treasure lies, not with Disney World, so I knew change HAD to happen.

Is it easy to put other things before God? Of course it is because we are human. But it doesn’t mean it’s right.   I could feel that the light I had in me, although still there, was starting to flicker at times- and it just wasn’t burning as bright as it used too.  It doesn’t mean I didn’t love the Lord any less for not attending a Church, but how can a flower grow without the sun?  I felt stagnate, I felt stuck.  I am VERY happy with my quality of life here, but it means nothing if I can’t be an example to others of what Christs love can do in your life.

The reason it is so easy for me to express these feelings is because I found my flame just needed to be ignited.  Having my dream fulfilled of living here, I not only had that space ready to be filled again, but my soul hungry for the Word.  I had tried a couple of Churches, and although they were fine, they didn’t speak to me at all.  It can be the way a Pastor speaks to his congregation, the music they play, or the all over vibe of the place.

But when I stepped in this church, I knew something had started in me.  I sat there and listened to the music, praising proudly with my hand in the air, and the whole time I had tears streaming down my face. It was as if I had not visited Jesus at his place in awhile, and I had come for a visit to a family waiting there with open arms.  I met the Pastor, the Music Leader, and others and every time I shook a hand, I could feel my flame burning brighter.

Choir starts next week, and I will be there as the new kid. I am so excited to meet others and find a new voice in the Orlando community that I honestly wish it was sooner.  I am also anxious with joy to see what this new church and family will not only bring to my life, but I can bring to it. I realized sitting in service today how much all of the petty stuff that happens in my life is really insignificant to the big picture.  If I can inspire people with the blog, I am honored. If I can make someone smile and brighten their day with a post, a picture, or just hanging out- I am blessed. But honestly, the rest doesn’t matter.  The numbers, who does what, and who likes who or doesn’t like is not only none of my business, but also none of my concern. It doesn’t mean I don’t care, it means I am not giving energy to any of it anymore.

I almost feel like my old self again who was just this ordinary girl in WI who loved to sing in Choir and enjoy her family and friends.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE living near Disney and all of the exciting things, but I have learned you must have a strong focus on your faith to make sure the rest are just that, the rest.  Yes, you can have it all, but just make sure you prioritize and balance it so you don’t lose what’s truly important to you.  I highly suggest that those of you who are interested in your faith that you find a church as soon as possible so that you can plant your roots in something that will ground you to your new life here.  It will make all the difference in the world.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Walt Disney directed my dreams, but God directs my path.

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  1. absolutely love and I am so happy for you – God bless you and your family – for you have been a blessing in my life


  2. This post came at a great time. I just moved to Orlando three weeks ago and went to church for the first time down here today! Amazing!


  3. I am so happy for you and the family, Amy!! I have been praying you would find a church home that would meet all of your needs and where you could minister and be ministered to. Praise the Lord for answered prayer!!!!


  4. Great post! We relocated nearly three years ago, and are still struggling to find our church home. We have visited at least seven churches and have yet to get find the one. There are two that we wish we could combine into one, but of course, that’s not possible. Would you mind sharing the name of the church you found?


  5. Fantastic post Amy! We are going on 8 weeks here in Florida, and have discussed finding a new church home several times over the last few weeks. I appreciate you writing about this…what an inspiration you have been to
    me/us throughout this journey! Ctainly hope to meet you one of these days. 🙂


  6. OMG! I opened this email with the idea of unsubscribing. I haven’t read yr emails in weeks because I was kind of done with Orlando Disney for now – I live in CA. ;^)
    But look! You are writing about what is exactly on my heart.
    Coincidence? Don’t think so!


  7. I can hear the joy in your words. Tha joy that only comes from Jesus. I’m so happy for you, and thankful for boldly sharing your story. We only have one more Sunday at our home church, then it’s off to Kissimmee, where we will begin the search for where God wants to use us.


  8. Amy, I heard you on the WDW Happy place podcast, and was filled with a good feeling to hear someone not afraid to profess their faith in our Lord! Way to go! My Wife and I are loving the website too. Thanks so much.


  9. Amy, I heard you on the WDW Happy Place Podcast, and loved hearing your story. It filled me with a feeling of joy to hear someone on a Disney podcast, profess their faith in our Lord! Thanks so much! My Wife and I are really enjoying your website too.


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