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Drink of the Day: Dad’s Electric Lemonade

Guest Author: Beth Elliott

One of my favorite things about 50s Prime Time (and its Tune-In Lounge) at Hollywood Studios is the cocktail menu. The fun drink options pair well with the fun, retro atmosphere. When I visited for dinner in late May, I asked Uncle Tim (our server) to bring me his favorite. His choice was Dad’s Electric Lemonade ($10.50), a combination of Bacardi rum, Skyy vodka, blue curaçao, and Sprite, then garnished with a lemon and a glow cube for the “electric” effect. Uncle Tim knows his stuff! This was refreshing without being too sweet, plus there’s just something fun about drinking a glowing drink. Give it a try next time you’re there. And tell Uncle Tim hello for me.rsz_drinkbeth


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