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Bringing the Tropics to Disney

Guest Author: Mary King

I love things relating to the tropics. Tropical locations, tropical food, tropical drinks…and, of course, tropical prints. Big plus for me since tropical prints have been a major trend this past spring and now pouring over into summer.

During my time in California, I finally got to go to one place that has been on my Disney bucket list for some time: Trader Sam’s. Dubbed “the enchanted tiki bar,” this hidden gem is nestled within the heart of the Disneyland Hotel grounds, and gives you the island experience you crave. The small quarters of the bar and the tiki and tropical décor makes for an intimate atmosphere that you will swear has just transported you to the islands. Signature bar drinks that put on their own shows are available, as well as other concoctions and food. And for those of us who are “members” of the gone but not forgotten Adventurers Club, you can also order the Kungaloosh, both the new and old recipes, from their secret menu!

Now that I’ve whet your appetite for a day on the beach and island inspired drinks, this will obviously call for the right outfit to wear. On my night there, I opted to do mixed patterns as tropical wear is never really uniform. I combined a black and white striped top with a palm leaves printed skirt that had splashed of various neon colors throughout. Considering the mood lighting and general atmosphere, I felt right at home.tradersamsself

Here is what I recommend if you are wanting to go along with the tropical theme. Go for bright colors! Aqua, fuchsia, yellow, orange…basically anything that immediately reminds you of the gorgeous, colorful flowers and the warm inviting water. Mix up patterns, prints and textures. Floral prints are a big draw in the islands, so play that up. Just keep the accessories to a minimum, choosing basic pieces.tropicaloutfit

And if Trader Sam’s is not your cup of cocktail, or you won’t be in California any time soon, you can simply put on your finest Lilo inspired look and head with your family to one of the Polynesian Resort’s eateries at Disney World.


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