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Disney Couture…Drinks?

Guest Author: Mary King of

Generally speaking, I really love the Disney Couture jewelry. If you aren’t familiar with the line, Disney created a fashion jewelry collection that takes Disney characters, icons, or symbols that represent various Disney elements and turns them into a rather couture accessory. Sometimes they can be found on the Disney Store website, sometimes at the Disney Parks, sometimes on various retail sites. I have yet to see one site carry the entire current collection of any given season.

My favorites of the Disney Couture collection have usually been bangles featuring lines or lyrics from particular Disney films. But I still enjoy taking a gander at what other pieces are available. My curiosity came into play this week as I decided to browse my go-to fashion sites to see what Disney Couture pieces are out. I can usually deduce pretty easily what each piece represents. For example, a rose in a glass dome is Beauty and the Beast. A

I cannot figure this one out. Designed by Dr. X for Disney Couture and sold exclusively on the ASOS website, the necklace features a gold plated soda can locket with a hinge fastening. Am I the only one who wondered how this applied to Disney? Then it finally hit me…



That’s right, Disney enthusiasts! Now you can always carry a piece of your Disney trip with you by wearing a gold plated soda can that you can open and refill to your heart’s content. And unlike the real refillable mug, you can take this anywhere and use it at any time for as long as you want.

Ok, the truth is that I still have no idea why a soda can necklace is being sold under the Disney Couture label. But I think my take on it is much more fun than just plain old pop around a neck.


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