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Discovery of Chocolate Seminar Review – Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival 2013

Guest Author: Amanda Rose

Oh sweet mother of God!

I can’t even pretend for a second that I didn’t do a little dance (“whoop’em Chocolate Style”) when I read that this year’s Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, would again include the Discovery of Chocolate event. Oh chocolate!

Last year, I was lucky enough to get a last minute spot into the Discovery of Chocolate event as Hurricane Sandy had hit the East Coast just the day before and a number of people had to cancel their vacations. I had tried booking the event the morning that the Epcot Food & Wine Festival Events were released, but was a little late to the game and was very sad to find out that it sold out within minutes.

Discovery of Chocolate

We entered the Festival Center, where the seminar was taking place and were welcomed with the aroma of chocolate! Our table was set up with a plate with four little containers, each filled with different type of chocolates, along with a glass of red wine and a shot of cherry chocolate liqueur. If only all seminars could have this setup!

The Discovery of Chocolate was a 90-minute seminar lead by a Master Chocolatier. The seminar started off with an explanation of how chocolate is created, from how it is harvested right up to the different ways of creating the finished product. The Master Chocolatier (I apologize, as I forget his name) gave us amazing tips on how to cook with chocolate and while my Sister-in-Law felt that there should have been a little less talking and a little more eating of the chocolate, I really enjoyed the history of it.

It was finally time for tasting the chocolate! Each of the containers had chocolate with a different percentage of cacao – 40%, 64%, 72% and 75% chocolate, my personal favorite being the 40% chocolate, I just have a thing for milk chocolate! The Master Chocolateer recommended that we sip the red wine as we were tasting the 72 and 74% chocolate, but I’m not a big fan of Red Wine, so I don’t want to be too subjective about the pairing.

What happened next at The Discovery of Chocolate Seminar, brought on a whole new light to chocolate for me – the Master Chocolateer cooked with chocolate. Now, I was imagining something along the lines of a chocolate sauce on pancakes, but the savory dish that he created was amazing, a chicken with an oriental chocolate sauce! CHICKEN with CHOCOLATE! Who knew?!? The product he used was a cocoa butter in a powder form called Mycryo. The dish did not have an overwhelming chocolate taste, but still it was pretty delicious.

The second dish that the Master Chocolateer created was admittedly a little disappointing, an Orange Mousse. With the title of The Discovery of Chocolate and the fact that we have done the Wishes Dessert party several times over the last few years, I was really hoping for a more….well for a more chocolatey dessert! The chocolate cherry liqueur was paired with Orange Mousse and I didn’t find it to be anything too special.

We will hopefully be doing The Discovery of Chocolate seminar again this year and hope to see some of our readers and clients there as well!adventures

The Discovery of Chocolate

Price: The price for 2013′s the Discovery of Chocolate seminar has been released and the price starts at $75 per person, plus tax.

Dates: Oct. 13 and 27th, 2013

*Epcot admission is required.


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