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Disney Florist

Guest Author: Curious George

 I have often looked at the Disney Florist ( because they have some really nice room surprises, but I always get sticker shock because I find them to be very pricey.  But recently I saw that they had a life size Mickey balloon and I couldn’t resist and pre-ordered one.  Towards the end of out check-in process at the resort, the cast member excused herself and went into the back room.  It had been a long day for us and was about 10pm, so we were tired and just wanted to get to our room.  She came out with Mickey!  This was a cool surprise as I thought he would have been delivered to our room.  My husband did not know that I had ordered it so he was totally surprised.  It was neat to walk through the resort with him, let me tell you, no one ignored our passage that day!  But he was a little awkward to carry.  Luckily our luggage was being delivered by Magical Express so we didn’t have to juggle that as well.mickeyballoon

Mickey is actually made up of 4 separate balloons that have glue tabs holding him together.  It was nice to see him waving to us when we got back home every day.  He would “walk” around a bit if we had the ceiling fan on and one day my husband woke up and he was right there, watching him sleep!  Priceless!  After that he got tucked behind a chair at night!

We were there for 10 days.  We used a small straw and removed the helium from each piece before we left to go home (helium balloons are not allowed on airplanes) and plan to go to a local party store and get him refilled.  That is what made this gift worthwhile for us, because it is a reusable item that will never fail to make us smile.  The total cost of the balloon was $31.95 with a $10 delivery fee (in May 2013), charged to my credit card.  They also have a Buzz Lightyear option as well.


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  1. I use Disney Floral a lot and love it! Selection is great. Delivery is always on time and everything is fresh and top notch! I highly recommend them as it alwaysakes a trip to WDW special!


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